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Antoine Derizet

Antoine Dérizet, of Lyon, was an experimentally classicizing French Late Baroque architect who... more »

Antoine Desgodetz

Antoine Babuty Desgodetz's publication Les edifices antiques de Rome dessinés et mesurés très... more »

Antoine Étex

Antoine Étex was a French sculptor, painter and architect. He first exhibited in the Paris Salon... more »

Antoine Grumbach

Antoine Grumbach is a French architect who amongst others designed Disney's Sequoia Lodge hotel... more »

Antoine Lepautre

Antoine Lepautre or Le Pautre was a French architect and engraver. Born in Paris, he was the... more »

Antoine Passani

Antoine Passani is the father of Veronique Passani. more »

Antoine Picon

Antoine Picon is Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology and Co-Director of... more »

Antoine Predock

Antoine Predock is an American architect based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Antoine Predock is... more »

Anton Alberts

Anton Alberts was a Dutch architect best known for the ING Bank in the Bijlmer district of... more »

Anton Erhard Martinelli

Anton Erhard Martinelli was an Austrian architect and master-builder of Italian... more »

Anton Lang

Anton Lang was an architect. more »

Anton Pilgram

Anton Pilgram was a late medieval Austrian architect and sculptor active in the area of today's... more »

Anton Pius Riegel

Anton Pius Riegel or Rigel was an Austrian architect of the 19th century. He is mainly known for... more »

Anton Rosen

Anton Rosen was a Danish architect, furniture designer, decorative artist and professor at the... more »

Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was a Spanish Catalan architect from Reus and the best known practitioner... more »

Antoni Rovira i Trias

Antoni Rovira i Trias was a Catalan architect, urban planner and founder of several... more »

Antoni Wiwulski

Antoni Wiwulski or Antanas Vivulskis was a Polish-Lithuanian architect and sculptor. He was born... more »

Antonin Nechodoma

Antonin Nechodoma, was a Czech architect who practiced in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic... more »

Antonin Raymond

Antonin Raymond, born as Antonín Reimann, was a Czech American architect, who lived and worked... more »

Antonio Abbondi

Antonio Abbondi generally known as Scarpagnino was an Italian architect of the Renaissance... more »

Antonio Attolini Lack

José Antonio Attolini Lack was a Mexican architect. more »

Antonio Beduzzi

Antonio Maria Nicolao Beduzzi was an Austrian-Italian theater engineer, painter, and architect... more »

Antonio Canevari

Antonio Canevari was an Italian architect of the Rococo and Neoclassical periods. He trained... more »

Antonio Corazzi

Antonio Corazzi was an Italian architect who designed a number of buildings in Warsaw, the... more »

Antonio da Costa Santos

Antonio da Costa Santos was a Brazilian architect and politician affiliated to the Workers'... more »

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