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August Endell

August Endell was a designer, writer, teacher, and German Jugendstil architect. He is also known... more »

August Geiger

August Geiger was one of the most prominent American architects in South Florida from 1905 to... more »

August Klein

August Klein was an architect of German origin, who worked in Vilnius. from 1891 till 1896... more »

August Orth

August Friedrich Wilhelm Orth was a German architect. He was employed by the Strousberg family... more »

August Schoenborn

August Schoenborn was a German American architect. He was born around 1827 in Germany... more »

August Sicard von Sicardsburg

August Sicard von Sicardsburg was an Austrian architect. He is best remembered as the... more »

August Thiersch

August Thiersch war ein deutscher Architekt und Hochschullehrer. Sein Vater war der Philologe... more »

August von Voit

Richard Jakob August von Voit was a German architect. Voit designed the city hall of Annweiler... more »

Auguste de Montferrand

Auguste de Montferrand was a French Neoclassical architect who worked primarily in Russia. His... more »

Auguste Guenepin

Auguste Jean Marie Guenepin was a French architect. Guenepin was born and died in Paris. He was... more »

Auguste Henri Vildieu

Auguste Henri Vildieu was the French architectural adjutant in Hanoi while that city was an... more »

Auguste Perret

Auguste Perret was a French architect and a world leader and specialist in reinforced concrete... more »

Augustin Ehrensvärd

Field marshal count Augustin Ehrensvärd was a Swedish military officer, military architect,... more »

Augusto H. Álvarez

Augusto Harold Álvarez García was a Mexican architect. more »

Augustus Charles Pugin

Augustus Charles Pugin, born Auguste-Charles Pugin, was an Anglo-French artist, architectural... more »

Augustus Farnham

Augustus Farnham was an architect in Utah and a Mormon missionary. In 1843, Farnham converted to... more »

Augustus Laver

Augustus Laver was a Canadian architect. He worked for Thomas Stent and later designed extensive... more »

Augustus N. Allen

Augustus N. Allen was an architect known for designing buildings on Long Island and in New York... more »

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin was an English architect, designer, artist and critic, chiefly... more »

Aurèle Cardinal

Aurèle Cardinal is a Quebec architect, urban planner and academic. In 2007, his plan for the... more »

Aurelio Galfetti

Aurelio Galfetti is a Swiss architect. Together with Mario Botta, Luigi Snozzi, and Livio... more »

Aurelio Nuño Morales

Aurelio Nuño Morales is a Mexican architect. more »

Austen Harrison

Austen St. Barbe Harrison was a British-born architect. While British, Harrison spent most of... more »

Austin Eldon Knowlton

Austin Eldon Knowlton was trained as an architect but spent most of his career in the... more »

Avraam Melnikov

Abram or Avraam Melnikov was a Russian Neoclassical architect associated with the late phase of... more »

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