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Herbert M. Greene

Herbert Miller Greene was an American architect. He designed the Dallas National Bank Building... more »

Herbert Maier

Herbert Maier was an American architect and public administrator, most notable as an architect... more »

Herbert Manzoni

Sir Herbert John Baptista Manzoni CBE MICE was a British civil engineer known for holding the... more »

Herbert Tudor Buckland

Herbert Tudor Buckland was a British architect, best known for his seminal Arts and Crafts... more »

Herman Gesellius

Herman Ernst Henrik Gesellius was a Finnish architect. Gesellius graduated from the Helsinki... more »

Herman Hertzberger

Herman Hertzberger is a Dutch architect and professor emeritus. more »

Herman Jessor

Herman J. Jessor was an American architect who helped build more than 40,000 units of... more »

Herman Munthe-Kaas

Herman Munthe-Kaas was a Norwegian architect. Herman Munthe-Kaas was primarily known for his... more »

Herman O. Ruhnau

Herman O. Ruhnau was a Postmodern architect who founded the firm Ruhnau, Runau, and Clarke... more »

Herman Sörgel

Herman Sörgel was a German architect. He was the originator of the idea of Atlantropa—a utopian... more »

Herman Teodor Holmgren

Herman Teodor Holmgren was a Swedish architect. Born in Östad in Älvsborg County, Holmgren... more »

Hermann Baagøe Storck

Hermann Baagøe Storck was a Danish architect and heraldist. As an architect, he is mainly known... more »

Hermann Bollé

Hermann Bollé was an architect of Franco-German origin who practiced in Croatia. more »

Hermann Finsterlin

Hermann Finsterlin was a visionary architect, painter, poet, essayist, toymaker and composer. He... more »

Hermann Friedrich Waesemann

Hermann Friedrich Waesemann was a German architect. He was born in Danzig, the son of an... more »

Hermann Giesler

Hermann Giesler was a German architect during the Nazi era, one of the two architects most... more »

Hermann Henselmann

Hermann Henselmann was a German architect most famous for his buildings constructed in East... more »

Hermann J. Gaul

Hermann J. Gaul was an American architect of German descent, who designed a number of Catholic... more »

Hermann Kutschera

Hermann Kutschera was an Austrian architect. He was born in Vienna.In 1936 he won a gold medal... more »

Hermann Muthesius

Adam Gottlieb Hermann Muthesius, known as Hermann Muthesius, was a German architect, author and... more »

Hermann Škorpil

Václav Hermengild Škorpil was a Czech-Bulgarian archaeologist and museum worker credited along... more »

Hermann Stiegholzer

Hermann Stiegholzer was an Austrian architect. In 1936 he won a bronze medal together with... more »

Hermann Tilke

Hermann Tilke is a German engineer and auto racer, who has designed numerous Formula One motor... more »

Hermann V. von Holst

Hermann V. von Holst was an American architect practicing in Chicago, Illinois, and Boca Raton,... more »

Hermann von Pückler-Muskau

Prince Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von Pückler-Muskau was a German nobleman, who was an excellent... more »

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