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Hector Guimard

Hector Guimard was an architect, who is now the best-known representative of the French Art... more »

Hector Lefuel

Hector-Martin Lefuel was a French architect, best known for the completion of the Palais du... more »

Héctor Velázquez Moreno

Héctor Velázquez Moreno was a Mexican architect. more »

Heike Hanada

Heike Hanada is a German architect. Hanada has been working as a free artist and a teacher of... more »

Heini Klopfer

Heini Klopfer was a German ski jumper and architect from Oberstdorf. at age 17, Klopfer was... more »

Heino Schmieden

Heino Schmieden was a German architect. more »

Heinrich Beheim

Heinrich Beheim was a German stone mason and architect in Nuremberg. His main works are the... more »

Heinrich Ernst Schirmer

Heinrich Ernst Schirmer was German-born architect most noted for his work in Norway. Schirmer... more »

Heinrich Hübsch

Heinrich Hübsch was a German architect. After studies in Heidelberg and at Friedrich... more »

Heinrich Reese

German-swiss architect, civil servant and politician. more »

Heinrich Scheel

Heinrich Karl Scheel was a baltic German architect who lived and worked in Riga. He is... more »

Heinrich Tessenow

Heinrich Tessenow was a German architect, professor, and urban planner active in the Weimar era. more »

Heinrich von Ferstel

Heinrich Freiherr von Ferstel was an architect who helped build late 19th-century Vienna. His... more »

Heinrich Wenck

Heinrich Emil Charles Wenck was a Danish architect, known for the numerous railway stations he... more »

Heinz Hess

Heinz Hess was a German architect best known for his involvement in the construction of 20... more »

Heinz Rutha

Heinz Rutha was a Sudeten German interior decorator and politician for the Sudeten German Party... more »

Helge Thiis

Helge Thiis was a Norwegian architect. He is most noted for being the cathedral architect at... more »

Helgo Zettervall

Helgo Nikolaus Zettervall, older spelling Zetterwall, was a Swedish architect and professor of... more »

Helmut Jahn

Helmut Jahn is a German-American architect, well known for designs such as the US$800 million... more »


Hemiunu is believed to be the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. more »

Hendrick de Keyser

Hendrick de Keyser was a Dutch sculptor and architect born in Utrecht, Netherlands, who was... more »

Hendrik Beyaert

Hendrik Beyaert or Henri Beyaert was a Belgian architect. He was born in Kortrijk, Belgium on 29... more »

Hendrik Petrus Berlage

Hendrik Petrus Berlage was a prominent Dutch architect. more »

Hendrik Wouda

Hendrik Wouda Dutch architect and furniture designer. He designed furniture, lighting and... more »

Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen, Hon. FAIA was a Danish architect. He is internationally known for the Ministry... more »

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