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Henri Ciriani

Henri Ciriani is a Peruvian architect and teacher. Ciriani was born and worked in Lima, Peru... more »

Henri Deglane

Henri, Adolphe, Auguste Deglane est un architecte français, né en 1855 à Paris, où il est mort... more »

Henri Dubuis

Henri Dubuis, was a Swiss architect. He completed an apprenticeship as a mason before he studied... more »

Henri Dupuy de Lôme

Stanislas Charles Henri Dupuy de Lôme was a French naval architect. He was the son of a naval... more »

Henri Labrouste

Pierre-François-Henri Labrouste was a French architect from the famous École des Beaux-Arts... more »

Henri Parent

Henri Parent was a French architect. more »

Henri Paul Nénot

Henri Paul Nénot was a noted French architect. Nénot was born in Paris. After his initial... more »

Henri Pieck

Henri Christiaan Pieck was a Dutch architect, painter and graphic artist. Pieck married twice... more »

Henri Prost

Henri Prost was a French architect and urban planner. He was noted in particularly for his work... more »

Henri Van Dievoet

Henri van Dievoet was a Belgian architect. more »

Henri-Jacques Espérandieu

Henri-Jacques Espérandieu was an architect who made his career in Marseille, France. He was... more »

Henrietta Cuttino Dozier

Henrietta Dozier was an American architect in Atlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. She is... more »

Henrik Bull

Henrik Bull was a Norwegian architect and designer. Among his works are the Paulus Church at... more »

Henrik Nissen

Johannes Henrik Nissen was a Norwegian architect. more »

Henrik Vilhelm Brinkopff

Henrik Vilhelm Brinkopff was a Danish architect. more »

Henrique Pinheiro

Henrique Pinheiro is an architect. more »

Henry A. Schade

Henry Adrian "Packy" Schade was a United States Navy officer, naval architect, and... more »

Henry Aaron Baker

Henry Aaron Baker, was an Irish architect. Baker was a pupil of James Gandon, 'and acted as... more »

Henry Aldrich

Henry Aldrich was an English theologian and philosopher. more »

Henry Austin

Henry Austin was a prominent and prolific American architect based in New Haven, Connecticut. He... more »

Henry Bacon

Henry Bacon was an American Beaux-Arts architect who is best remembered for the Lincoln Memorial... more »

Henry Beaumont Herts

Henry Beaumont Herts was an American architect. Herts was born in New York City, attended, but... more »

Henry Bernard

Architect of the brutalist Palais de l'Europe in Strasbourg. more »

Henry Berry

Henry Berry, was Liverpool's second dock engineer succeeding Thomas Steers and being succeeded... more »

Henry Bowyer Lane

Henry Bowyer Joseph Lane was an English architect who worked in Toronto from c. 1841 to... more »

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