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Henry Hornbostel

Henry Hornbostel was an American architect. He designed more than 225 buildings, bridges, and... more »

Henry Hudson Kitson

Sir Henry Hudson Kitson was an English born American sculptor who sculpted many representations... more »

Henry Hutchinson

Henry Hutchinson was an English architect who partnered with Thomas Rickman in December 1821 to... more »

Henry Irwin

Henry Irwin, an architect of British India was born on 24 January 1841. He is mainly known for... more »

Henry Isaac Stevens

Henry Isaac Stevens was an architect based in Derby. He was born in London, in 1806, and died in... more »

Henry Ives Cobb

Henry Ives Cobb, born in Brookline, Massachusetts to Albert Adams and Mary Russell Candler Cobb,... more »

Henry Jaastad

Henry Jaastad was an influential Tucson, Arizona architect. His firm created over 500 buildings... more »

Henry James Tollit

Henry James Tollit was an English architect who practised in Oxford. Tollit trained under... more »

Henry Janeway Hardenbergh

Henry Janeway Hardenbergh was an American architect, best known for his hotels and apartment... more »

Henry Janyns

Henry Janyns was the first architect of Edward IV's new chapel of St George in Windsor Castle,... more »

Henry John Klutho

Henry John Klutho was an American architect known for his work in the "Prairie School" style. He... more »

Henry Jones Underwood

Henry Jones Underwood was an English architect who spent most of his career in Oxford. He was... more »

Henry Joynes

Comptroller and Conductor of the Building of Blenheim House in Oxfordshire from 1706 to 1715. He... more »

Henry K. Holsman

Henry K. Holsman was an American architect and car manufacturer from Chicago, Illinois. more »

Henry Keene

Henry Keene was an English architect, notable for designing buildings in the Gothic Revival and... more »

Henry Klumb

Heinrich Klumb was a German architect who worked in Puerto Rico. He was one of Puerto Rico's... more »

Henry L. Kamphoefner

Henry Leveke Kamphoefner was a champion of Modernist architecture and is most well known for... more »

Henry Langley

Henry Langley was a Canadian architect based in Toronto. He was active from 1854 to 1907. Among... more »

Henry Lester

Henry Lester was a British architect, merchant and philanthropist in Shanghai. more »

Henry M. Francis

Henry M. Francis, often known as H.M. Francis, was an architect in Massachusetts. A number of... more »

Henry M. Sugarman

Henry M. Sugarman was an American architect who studied at the National Academy of Design,... more »

Henry Medd

Henry Alexander Nesbitt Medd, was a British-born architect, whose career was made in India. He... more »

Henry Murphy

Henry Killam Murphy was an American architect who was hired by Chiang Kai-shek for a variety of... more »

Henry N. Cobb

Henry N. Cobb is an American architect and founding partner with I.M. Pei of Pei Cobb Freed &... more »

Henry Orth

Harold William Orth was an American architect. more »

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