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Hjalmar Kumlien

Knut Hjalmar Kumlien, was a Swedish architect. more »

Hobart Upjohn

Hobart Upjohn was an American architect, best known for designing a number of ecclesiastical and... more »

Hoichi Kurisu

Hoichi Kurisu is a noted designer of Japanese gardens, active in the United States. Kurisu... more »

Holger Sinding-Larsen

Petter Andreas Holger Sinding-Larsen was a Norwegian architect. He was born in Oslo. In 1920 he... more »

Holland W. Hobbiss

Holland William Hobbiss was an architect in the Birmingham area of England. He also traded under... more »

Hollis Rinehart

Hollis Rinehart was an architect. more »

Holm Hansen Munthe

Holm Hansen Munthe was a Norwegian architect. Between 1878 and 1885 he cooperated with Henrik... more »

Homayoun Ershadi

Homayoun Ershadi is an Iranian actor. Ershadi was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1947. He studied... more »

Homer N. Wallin

Homer Norman Wallin was a Vice Admiral in the United States Navy, best known for his salvage of... more »

Honoré Daumet

Pierre Jérôme Honoré Daumet was a French architect. Daumet was the winner of the Prix de Rome in... more »

Hooshang Seyhoun

Hooshang Seyhoon is a prominent Iranian architect. Seyhoon became famous for his design work in... more »

Horace Cleveland

Horace William Shaler Cleveland was a noted American landscape architect, sometimes considered... more »

Horace Jones

Sir Horace Jones was an English architect particularly noted for his work as Architect and... more »

Horace King

Horace King was an American architect, engineer, and bridge builder. King is considered the most... more »

Horace Trumbauer

Horace Trumbauer was a prominent American architect of the Gilded Age, known for designing... more »

Horatio Greenough

Horatio Greenough was an American sculptor best known for his United States government... more »

Horatio Nelson White

Horatio Nelson White was an American architect. He was one of New York State's most prominent... more »

Horia Creangă

Horia Creangă was a Romanian architect important in the modernist movement. Described in 1999's... more »

Horst H. Baumann

Horst H. Baumann is a German architect, designer, light artist, and photographer. He is best... more »

Hossein Amanat

Hossein Amanat is an Iranian-Canadian architect. He is best known for being the architect of the... more »

Hovsep Aznavur

Hovsep Aznavur was an Ottoman Armenian architect. He is noted for his construction plans for the... more »

Howard Davis

Howard Davis is an American writer and professor of architecture at the University of Oregon in... more »

Howard Dwight Smith

Howard Dwight Smith was an architect most known for his designs of the Ohio Stadium for which he... more »

Howard Greenley

Howard Greenley was an architect who worked from the late 1800s well into the 20th century and... more »

Howard Lapham

Howard Lapham was a modernist architect whose notable residences exist primarily in Southern... more »

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