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Hans Jacob Hansteen

Hans Jacob Hansteen is a Norwegian architect. Born in Stavanger, he graduated from the Norwegian... more »

Hans Kollhoff

Hans Kollhoff is a German architect and professor. He is a representative of postmodern and New... more »

Hans Krumpper

Hans Krumpper was a German sculptor, plasterer, architect and intendant of the arts who served... more »

Hans Linstow

Hans Ditlev Franciscus von Linstow was a Danish-born, Norwegian architect, who is by many... more »

Hans Luckhardt

Hans Luckhardt was a German architect and the brother of Wassili Luckhardt, with whom he worked... more »

Hans Niessenberger

Hans Niessenberger was an architect of the latter part of the Middle Ages. more »

Hans Nordenström

Hans Nordenström was an architect, screenwriter and film director. more »

Hans Poelzig

Hans Poelzig was a German architect, painter and set designer. more »

Hans Price

Hans Price was the architect responsible for much of the development of Weston-super-Mare, in... more »

Hans Robert Hiegel

Hans Robert Hiegel is a German architect. more »

Hans Scharoun

Bernhard Hans Henry Scharoun was a German architect best known for designing the Berlin... more »

Hans van Steenwinckel the Elder

Hans van Steenwinckel the Elder was a Flemish-Danish architect and sculptor. He worked on a... more »

Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger

Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger was a Flemish-Danish architect who specialised in the Dutch... more »

Hans von Burghausen

Hans von Burghausen was a German architect. He designed the Church of St Martin, Landshut and... more »

Hans Vredeman de Vries

Hans Vredeman de Vries was a Dutch Renaissance architect, painter, and engineer. Vredeman de... more »

Hans Wilhelm Auer

Hans Wilhelm Auer was a Swiss-Austrian architect best known for his design of the Swiss... more »

Haralamb H. Georgescu

Haralamb H. Georgescu, also known as Harlan Georgesco, was a twentieth century Romanian-American... more »

Harald Deilmann

Harald Deilmann was a German architect. Born in Gladbeck, Westphalia, Deilmann was best known... more »

Harlan Thomas

Harlan Thomas was an American architect in the first half of the twentieth century. From 1926 to... more »

Harley Swedler

Harley Swedler is a New York-based architect, designer and author. more »

Harold "Jug" McSpaden

Harold Lee "Jug" McSpaden was an American professional golfer. more »

Harold Bennett

Harold Bennett was an English actor best remembered for having played 'Young Mr. Grace' in the... more »

Harold Boas

Harold Boas was a town planner and architect in Western Australia. Boas designed many public... more »

Harold Brakspear

Sir Harold William Brakspear was a noted restoration architect and archaeologist. He restored a... more »

Harold C. Whitehouse

Harold Clarence Whitehouse was an American architect based in Spokane, Washington. A native of... more »

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