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Takova Wallace

Takova Wallace is the sister of American professional basketball player Gerald Wallace. more »

Tala Golzar

Tala Golzar is an American model and actress of Iranian descent. Golzar is currently the... more »

Tala Kheir Tlass

Tala Kheir Tlass is the wife of Manaf Tlass. more »

Tala Kurup

Tala Kurup is the daughter of Shishir Kurup and Page Leong. more »

Tala Raassi

Tala Raassi is an Iranian-American Fashion Designer born in Maryland, USA and raised in Tehran,... more »

Talea Brass

Talea Brass is the partner of Darren Brass, an American tattoo artist who currently stars on... more »

Talhia Allen

Talhia Allen is the daughter of basketball coach Frankie Allen. more »

Tali Bielski

Tali Bielski is the sister of Adi Bielski. more »

Tali Fahima

Tali Fahima is an Israeli pro-Palestinian activist who was convicted for her contacts with... more »

Tali Fruchtmann

Tali Fruchtmann is the daughter of film producer Uri Fruchtmann and Annie Lennox. more »

Tali Sinai

Tali Sinai is the wife of Meshulam Riklis. more »

Tali Ullman

Tali Ullman is the sister of Ricky Ullman. more »

Talia Achmiz

Talia Achmiz is a wife of the football player Bibras Natkho. more »

Talia Auret

Talia Auret is a daughter of Brandon Auret. more »

Talia Beck

Talia Beck is the daughter of John Beck. more »

Talia Besson

Talia Besson is the daughter of Luc Besson and Virginie Silla. more »

Talia Elizabeth Jones

Talia Elizabeth Jones is the daughter of Davy Jones. more »

Talia Fowler

Talia Fowler is a dancer who won the 2009 So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Born in... more »

Talia Irvine

Talia Irvine is the daughter of Robert Irvine. more »

Talia Janson

Talia Janson is the daughter of David Janson and Debbie Arnold. more »

Talia Lake

Talia Lake is the mother of Kodie Lake. more »

Talia MacNeal

Talia MacNeal is the adopted daughter of Catherine MacNeal. more »

Talia Miller

Taila Miller is the wife of the musician and actor Matisyahu. more »

Talia Rahmeh

Talia Rahmeh is the daughter of Cyrine Abdelnour. more »

Talia Serafina Fiore

Talia Serafina Fiore is the daughter of Erica Cerra. more »

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