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Laurent C. Siebenmann

Laurent Carl Siebenmann is a Canadian mathematician based at the Université de Paris-Sud at... more »

Laurent Lafforgue

Laurent Lafforgue is a French mathematician. He has made outstanding contributions to Langlands'... more »

Lawrence C. Evans

Lawrence Craig Evans is an American mathematician and Professor of Mathematics at the University... more »

Lawrence J. Rosenblum

Lawrence Jay Rosenblum is an American mathematician, and Program Director for Graphics and... more »

Lawrence L. Larmore

Lawrence L. Larmore, PhD, is an American mathematician and theoretical computer scientist,... more »

Lawrence Paul Horwitz

Lawrence Paul Horwitz is an American/Israeli physicist and mathematician who has made... more »

Lawrence Rooke

Lawrence Rooke was an English astronomer and mathematician. He was also one of the founders of... more »

Lazar Lyusternik

Lazar Aronovich Lyusternik was a Soviet mathematician. He is famous for his work in topology and... more »

Lazare Carnot

Lazare Nicolas Marguerite, Comte Carnot, the Organizer of Victory in the French Revolutionary... more »

Lazarus Bendavid

Lazarus Bendavid was a German mathematician and philosopher known for his exposition of Kantian... more »

Lazarus Fuchs

Lazarus Immanuel Fuchs was a German mathematician who contributed important research in the... more »

Lee Lorch

Lee Lorch is a mathematician and was an early civil rights activist, who is currently Professor... more »

Lee Paul Neuwirth

Lee Paul Neuwirth is a mathematician and the father of Bebe Neuwirth. more »

Leiki Loone

Leiki Loone, born 29 February 1944, is an Estonian mathematician specialising in applications of... more »

Leila Khatami

Leila Khatami is the daughter of Mohammad Khatami. more »

Len Cook

Leonard Warren "Len" Cook CBE is a professional statistician who was Government Statistician of... more »

Lenhard Ng

Lenhard Ng is an American mathematician, working primarily on symplectic geometry. Ng is an... more »

Lennart Carleson

Lennart Axel Edvard Carleson is a Swedish mathematician, known as a leader in the field of... more »

Lenore Blum

Lenore Blum is a distinguished professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. more »

Lensey Namioka

Lensey Chao Namioka is a Chinese-born American writer of children's books and a mathematician... more »

Leo August Pochhammer

Leo August Pochhammer was a Prussian mathematician who was educated in Berlin, obtaining his... more »

Leo Breiman

Leo Breiman was a distinguished statistician at the University of California, Berkeley. He was... more »

Leo Harrington

Leo Anthony Harrington is a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley... more »

Leo Königsberger

Leo Königsberger was a German mathematician, and historian of science. He is best known for his... more »

Leo Moser

Leo Moser was an Austrian-Canadian mathematician, best known for his polygon notation. A native... more »

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