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Ross Bleckner

Ross Bleckner is an actor. more »

Ross Eccles

Ross Eccles, is a contemporary English artist and painter. He has been based in Dublin, Ireland... more »

Rossello di Jacopo Franchi

Rossello di Jacopo Franchi was an Italian painter and illuminator in Florence. He studied under... more »

Rosso Fiorentino

Giovanni Battista di Jacopo, known as Rosso Fiorentino, or Il Rosso, was an Italian Mannerist... more »

Rosson Crow

Rosson Crow is a painter working in Los Angeles, United States. more »

Rostislav Vovkushevsky

Rostislav Ivanovich Vovkushevsky was a Russian Soviet realist painter, who lived and worked in... more »

Rosy Lamb

Rosy Lamb is an expatriate American sculptor, painter and author living in Paris, France. She... more »

Rowena Meeks Abdy

Rowena Fischer Meeks Abdy was an American modernist painter. She primarily painted landscapes... more »

Rowena Morrill

Rowena A. Morrill is an American artist, working in science-fiction and fantasy illustration... more »

Rowland Fisher

Rowland Fisher was a painter, mainly known for his seascapes. He was born in Gorleston, Norfolk,... more »

Rowland Lockey

Rowland Lockey was an English painter and goldsmith. The son of Leonard Lockey, a crossbow maker... more »

Roy Boney Jr.

Roy Boney, Jr. is a full blood Cherokee comic artist, fine artist, computer animator and... more »

Roy De Forest

Roy De Forest was an American painter. Born in North Platte, Nebraska to migrant farm workers,... more »

Roy Newell

An American abstract painter, Roy Newell was born in Manhattan's Lower East Side on May 10,... more »

Roy Reid

Roy Reid was a Jamaican painter. He was best known for his paintings depicting the Jamaican... more »

Rubén Torres Llorca

Rubén Torres Llorca is a Cuban artist specializing in painting, drawing, sculpture, collages,... more »

Ruben Zakharian

Ruben Agasievich Zakharian was a Russian-Armenian painter, who lived and worked in Leningrad. He... more »

Rubens Peale

Rubens Peale was an American artist and museum director. Born in Philadelphia, he was a son of... more »

Ruby Lindsay

Ruby Lindsay was an Australian illustrator and painter, sister of Norman Lindsay and Percy... more »

Rudi Španzel

Rudi Španzel is a Slovenian painter. more »

Rudolf Bauer

Alexander Georg Rudolf Bauer was a German-born painter who was involved in the avant-garde group... more »

Rudolf Bredow

Rudolf Bredow, German post-expressionist painter, draughtsman and art teacher. Bredow’s lifework... more »

Rudolf Fila

Rudolf Fila is a Slovak painter, educator and author, best known for his artistic... more »

Rudolf Frentz

Rudolf Rudolfovich Frentz was a Soviet and Russian painter, watercolorist, graphic artist,... more »

Rudolf Koller

Rudolf Koller was a Swiss painter. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. more »

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