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Patrick Suppes

Patrick Colonel Suppes is an American philosopher who has made significant contributions to... more »

Patro the Epicurean

Patro was an Epicurean philosopher. He lived for some time in Rome, where he became acquainted,... more »

Paul Benacerraf

Paul Joseph Salomon Benacerraf is an American philosopher working in the field of the philosophy... more »

Paul Boghossian

Paul Boghossian is Silver professor of philosophy at New York University, where he was Chair of... more »

Paul Carus

Paul Carus was a German-American author, editor, a student of comparative religion and philosopher. more »

Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain is a Canadian philosopher. Chamberlain gained his Ph.D. from Marquette... more »

Paul Churchland

Paul Churchland is a Canadian philosopher noted for his studies in neurophilosophy and the... more »

Paul Cobben

Paul Gulian Cobben is a Dutch philosopher. His main contribution to philosophy is that he has... more »

Paul de Man

Paul de Man, born Paul Adolph Michel Deman, was a Belgian-born literary critic and literary... more »

Paul Deussen

Paul Jakob Deussen was a German Orientalist and Sanskrit scholar. Strongly influenced by Arthur... more »

Paul Diel

Paul Diel was a French psychologist of Austrian origin who developed the method of introspective... more »

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards was an Austrian-American moral philosopher. He was the editor-in-chief of... more »

Paul Feyerabend

Paul Karl Feyerabend was an Austrian-born philosopher of science best known for his work as a... more »

Paul Grice

Herbert Paul Grice, usually publishing under the name H. P. Grice, H. Paul Grice, or Paul Grice,... more »

Paul Guyer

Paul Guyer, Jonathan Nelson Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Brown University since... more »

Paul Horwich

Paul Horwich is a British analytic philosopher at New York University, whose work includes... more »

Paul Humphreys

Paul Humphreys is a significant contributor to the philosophy of emergent properties, as well as... more »

Paul J. Griffiths

Paul J. Griffiths is an English-born American theologian. He is the Warren Professor of Catholic... more »

Paul Janet

Paul Alexandre René Janet was a French philosopher and writer. more »

Paul Kurtz

Paul Kurtz was a prominent American skeptic and secular humanist. He has been called "the father... more »

Paul Lorenzen

Paul Lorenzen was a philosopher and mathematician. As a founder of the Erlangen School and the... more »

Paul Natorp

Paul Gerhard Natorp was a German philosopher and educationalist, considered one of the... more »

Paul Nizan

Paul-Yves Nizan was a French philosopher and writer. He was born in Tours, Indre-et-Loire and... more »

Paul Nougé

Paul Nougé, born in Brussels on 13 February 1895 and died in Brussels on 6 November 1967, was a... more »

Paul of Venice

Paul of Venice was a Roman Catholic Scholastic philosopher, theologian, and realist logician and... more »

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