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Paul Oskar Kristeller

Paul Oskar Kristeller was an important scholar of Renaissance humanism. He was awarded the... more »

Paul R. Patton

Paul Robert Patton is a Professor of Philosophy in the School of History and Philosophy at the... more »

Paul Rée

Paul Ludwig Carl Heinrich Rée was a German author and philosopher, and friend of Friedrich... more »

Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricœur was a French philosopher best known for combining phenomenological description with... more »

Paul Taylor

Paul W. Taylor is a philosopher best known for his work in the field of environmental ethics... more »

Paul Thagard

Paul Thagard is a Canadian philosopher who specializes in philosophy, cognitive science, and the... more »

Paul Tillich

Paul Johannes Tillich was a German-American Christian existentialist philosopher and theologian... more »

Paul Valéry

Ambroise-Paul-Toussaint-Jules Valéry was a French poet, essayist, and philosopher. His interests... more »

Paul Virilio

Paul Virilio is a French cultural theorist and urbanist. He is best known for his writings about... more »

Paul Weiss

Paul Weiss was an American philosopher. more »

Paul Woodruff

Paul Woodruff is a classicist, professor of philosophy, and dean at The University of Texas at... more »

Paul Yorck von Wartenburg

Hans Ludwig David Paul Graf Yorck von Wartenburg was a German lawyer, writer and... more »

Paul Ziff

Paul Ziff was an American artist and philosopher specializing in semantics and aesthetics. more »

Paul-Louis Couchoud

Paul-Louis Couchoud, was born on July 6, 1879 at Vienne, Isère and died there on April 8, 1959... more »

Paulin J. Hountondji

Paulin Hountondji is a Beninese philosopher and politician. Hountondji was educated at the École... more »

Paulo Cesar Duque-Estrada

Paulo Cesar Duque-Estrada is a professor of contemporary philosophy and Associate Vice-President... more »

Pavel Florensky

Pavel Alexandrovich Florensky was a Russian Orthodox theologian, priest, philosopher,... more »

Pavel Tichý

Pavel Tichý was a Czech logician, philosopher and mathematician. He worked in the field of... more »

Pedro da Fonseca

Pedro da Fonseca was a Portuguese Jesuit philosopher and theologian. His work on logic and... more »

Pekka Himanen

Pekka Himanen is a Finnish philosopher. more »


Pelagius was an ascetic who opposed the idea of predestination and asserted a strong version of... more »

Pema Chödrön

Pema Chödrön is a notable American figure in Tibetan Buddhism. A disciple of Chögyam Trungpa... more »

Penelope Maddy

Penelope Maddy is a UCI Distinguished Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science and of... more »

Penmetsa Subbaraju

Penmetsa Subba Raju is rationalist leader and author. He wrote books criticising Bible and... more »

Per Bauhn

Per Roald Bauhn is a Swedish philosopher and a professor of practical philosophy at the... more »

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