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Peter of Corbeil

Peter of Corbeil, born at Corbeil, was a preacher and canon of Nôtre Dame de Paris, a scholastic... more »

Peter of Poitiers

Peter of Poitiers was a French scholastic theologian., born at Poitiers or in its neighbourhood... more »

Peter of Spain

Peter of Hispania or, in Latin, Petrus Hispanus is the Mediaeval author of Tractatus, later... more »

Peter Pagin

Peter Pagin is Professor of Philosophy at Stockholm University. He is a specialist in the... more »

Péter Pázmány

Péter Pázmány, S.J., was a Hungarian Jesuit who was a noted philosopher, theologian, cardinal,... more »

Peter Railton

Peter Albert Railton is John Stephenson Perrin Professor of Philosophy at the University of... more »

Peter Simons

Peter Simons, FBA is a professor of philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. He studied at the... more »

Peter Singer

Peter Albert David Singer, AC is an Australian moral philosopher. He is currently the Ira W... more »

Peter Sloterdijk

Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher, cultural theorist, television host and columnist. He... more »

Peter Stephen Du Ponceau

Peter Stephen Du Ponceau or DuPonceau, born Pierre-Étienne Du Ponceau, was a French linguist,... more »

Peter Suber

Peter Dain Suber is a philosopher specializing in the philosophy of law and open access to... more »

Peter the Iberian

Peter the Iberian was a Georgian royal prince, theologian and philosopher who was a prominent... more »

Peter Thielst

Peter Thielst is a Danish philosopher, author and publisher of philosophical books from the... more »

Peter Tudvad

Peter Tudvad is a Danish Søren Kierkegaard scholar, author, philosopher and social critic,... more »

Peter van Inwagen

Peter van Inwagen is an American analytic philosopher and the John Cardinal O'Hara Professor of... more »

Peter Vardy

Peter Vardy is a British academic, philosopher, theologian and author. He held the post of vice... more »

Peter Verigin

Peter Vasilevich Verigin often known as Peter "Lordly" Verigin was a Russian philosopher,... more »

Peter Wessel Zapffe

Peter Wessel Zapffe was a Norwegian metaphysician, author and mountaineer. He is often noted for... more »

Peter Winch

Peter Guy Winch was a British philosopher known for his contributions to the philosophy of... more »

Petre Țuțea

Petre Țuțea was a Romanian philosopher, journalist and economist. more »

Petru Maior

Petru Maior was a Romanian writer who is considered one of the most influential personalities of... more »

Petrus Aureolus

Petrus Aureolus was a scholastic philosopher and theologian. We know little of his life before... more »

Petrus Ramus

Petrus Ramus was an influential French humanist, logician, and educational reformer. A... more »

Phaedo of Elis

Phaedo of Elis was a Greek philosopher. A native of Elis, he was captured in war and sold into... more »

Phaedrus the Epicurean

Phaedrus was an Epicurean philosopher. He was the head of the Epicurean school in Athens after... more »

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