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Hanan al-Wazir

Hanan al-Wazir is the daughter of Khalil al-Wazir and Intissar al-Wazir. more »


Hanbokhui is the wife of actor Hyeong-il Kim. more »

Hande Nas

Hande Nas is the wife of Mehmet Nas. more »

Hang Knighton

Hang Knighton is the wife of Zachary Knighton. more »

Hang Li Po

Hang Li Po was the fifth wife of Malaccan Sultan Mansur Shah. She was supposedly given by Ming... more »

Hang Lu

Hang Lu is a Professor of Chemical and Molecular Engineering at the Georgia Institute of... more »

Hanging Cloud

Hanging Cloud was an Ojibwa woman who was a full warrior among her people, and claimed by the... more »

Hani Lieberman

Hani Lieberman is the daughter of Joe Lieberman. more »

Hani Miletski

Hani Miletski is a sexologist, and sex therapist living in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. She... more »

Hanifa Mavlianova

Hanifa Muhiddinovna Mavlianova was a soprano opera and concert singer, born in Leninabad,... more »

Hanife Nesin

Hanife Nesin is the mother of Aziz Nesin. more »

Hanife Sultan

Hanife Sultan was the wife of Sultan Ahmed III. more »

Hanin Al Aroj

Hanin Al Aroj is the daughter of Nawal El Kuwaitia. more »

Hanna Bergas

Hanna Bergas was a German teacher. Fired from her job and prevented from teaching in public... more »

Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir

Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir is an Icelandic politician. She is the Minister of Interior after... more »

Hanna Damasio

Hanna Damásio is University Professor, Dana Dornsife Chair in Neuroscience, and Professor of... more »

Hanna Dorsin

Hanna Dorsin is the wife of Henrik Dorsin. more »

Hanna Foltyn-Kubicka

Hanna Foltyn-Kubicka, is a Polish politician and a Member of the European Parliament. She is a... more »

Hanna Fuchs-Robettin

Hanna Fuchs-Robettin was the sister of Franz Werfel, wife of Herbert Fuchs-Robettin, and... more »

Hanna Geller

Hanna Geller is the wife of Uri Geller. more »

Hanna Gracie

Hanna Gracie is the sister of actor Renzo Gracie. more »

Hanna Haarala

Hanna Haarala is a professional Latin American dancer. She has represented Finland with Mikko... more »

Hanna Havrylets'

Hanna Oleksiïvna Havrylets' is a Ukrainian composer. She was born in Ternopil, Ukraine, and... more »

Hanna Hoffman

Hanna Hoffman was the sister of Bruno Schulz. more »

Hanna Huffman

Hanna Huffman is the daughter of Alaina Huffman. more »

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