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Nadia Afridi

Nadia Afridi is the wife of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. more »

Nadia Ahmed El Sakka

Nadia Ahmed El Sakka is the daughter of Ahmed El Sakka. more »

Nadia Al-Kokabany

Nadia Al-Kokabany is a Yemeni novelist, short story writer and academic. She was born in Taiz... more »

Nadia Alami

Nadia Alami is the wife of Sean Cronin. more »

Nadia Banaś

Nadia Banaś is the daughter of Adam Banaś. more »

Nadia Barley

Nadia Barley is the daughter of Matthew Barley and Viktoria Mullova. more »

Nadia Berbick

Nadia Berbick is the daughter of Trevor Berbick. more »

Nadia Botes

Nadia Botes is the wife of Jacques Botes. more »

Nadia Bouras

Nadia Bouras is a Dutch historian of Moroccan descent. She graduated in history at the Free... more »

Nadia Brédimas-Assimopoulos

Nadia Brédimas-Assimopoulos is an academic and former administrator in the Canadian province of... more »

Nadia Brown

Nadia Janice Brown is an American poet, writer, and author. She was raised and currently resides... more »

Nadia Centoni

Nadia Centoni is an Italian volleyball player. She currently plays for RC Cannes, playing as... more »

Nadia Chafik

Nadia Chafik is a Moroccan novelist.[1] Chafik lives between Morocco and France. She taught and... more »

Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck

Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck was a pioneer in modern dance, dance pedagogy and Labanotation. more »

Nadia Cohen

Nadia Cohen was the wife of Eli Cohen. more »

Nadia Dandolo

Nadia Dandolo is a retired Italian long-distance runner. more »

Nadia Davids

Nadia Davids is an award-winning South African writer—she has been described as one of the... more »

Nadia Dieudonne

Nadia Dieudonne is the sister of Nathan Dieudonne. more »

Nadia Dyall

Nadia Dyall is the wife of Gary Sweet. more »

Nadia Fezzani

Nadia Fezzani is a Canadian journalist who has conducted extensive research and interviews with... more »

Nadia Foster

Nadia Foster is the mother of actress Janine Foster. more »

Nadia Gamal

Nadia Gamal was an Egyptian dancer and actress. She is often credited as the originator of the... more »

Nadia Ismail Chirine

Nadia Ismail Chirine is the daughter of the royal Egyptian Ismail Chirine. more »

Nadia Jebril

Nadia Jebril, born 1982 in Sweden to Palestinian parents, is a journalist and TV host at the... more »

Nadia Jones

Nadia Jones is the sister of basketball player Jairus Simms. more »

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