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Ida Ross

Ida Ross was the mother of a novelist Ida Alexa Ross Wylie. more »

Ida Salmi

Ida Salmi was the mother of Albert Salmi. more »

Ida Schnall

Ida Schnall was the captain of the New York Female Giants baseball team and later a Hollywood... more »

Ida Shuster

Ida Shuster was the mother of Joe Shuster. more »

Ida St.Cyr

Ida St. Cyr was the wife of Vince St. Cyr. more »

Ida ter Haar

Ida ter Haar was the wife of Jef Last. more »

Ida Vivado

Ida Vivado Orsini was a Chilean pianist and composer. more »

Ida Vreeswijk

Ida Vreeswijk is the sister of Cornelis Vreeswijk. more »

Ida Wolf

Ida Wolf was the mother of Friedrich Wolf. more »

Ida Wright

Ida Wright is the sister of The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur. more »

Ida-Rose Chabon

Ida-Rose Chabon is the daughter of Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman. more »

Idanell Allman

Idanell Allman is the mother of Marshall Allman. more »

Idelle Swan Dahl

Idelle Swan Dahl is the mother of Arlene Dahl. more »

Idelle Weber

Idelle Weber is an American artist most closely aligned with the Pop art and Photorealist movements. more »

Idely Barrichello

Idely Barrichello is the mother of Rubens Barrichello. more »

Idil Abdulmajid

Idil Abdulmajid is the younger sister of Iman Abdulmajid. more »

Idoia Landa

Idoia Landa is the daughter of the late Spanish actor Alfredo Landa. more »

Idoia Montero

Idoia Montero is the sister of Amaia Montero. more »

Idra Novey

Idra Novey is an American poet, professor, and translator. She is the author of Exit, Civilian,... more »

Idske de Jong

Idske de Jong is a Dutch curler from the Curling Club Motip Dubli. She used to play for Shari... more »

Idun Reiten

Idun Reiten is a Norwegian professor of mathematics. She is considered to be one of Norway's... more »

Iêda Maria Vargas

Iêda Maria Britto Vargas is a Brazilian who was crowned Miss Universe in Miami Beach, Florida in... more »

Ieke van den Burg

Ieke van den Burg is a Dutch politician and a former Member of the European Parliament. She is a... more »

Ielja Strik

Ielja Strik, is a Dutch powerlifter and a former gymnast and bodybuilder. more »

Ieva Jankūnas

Ieva Jankūnas is the wife of Paulius Jankūnas more »

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