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Aeneas Coffey

Aeneas Coffey was an Irish inventor and distiller. more »

Agnieszka Czechowicz

Agnieszka Czechowicz is Resident Physician at Children's Hospital Boston. She was a graduate... more »

Aharon Shulov

Professor Aharon Shulov was an Israeli entomologist and the founder of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. more »

Aihua Fu

Aihua Fu started her postdoctoral research in the Wang Group at Stanford in 2006. She develops... more »

Al Cass

Al Cass was an inventor, performer, trumpeter, manufacturer and consultant to other brass musicians. more »

Al Richmond

Al Richmond is a welder, inventor and businessperson. more »


Badi'al-Zaman Abū al-'Izz ibn Ismā'īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī was a Muslim polymath: a scholar,... more »


Alī Ibn Khalaf al-Murādī, Al-Andalus, was a Mechanical engineer and author of the unique... more »

Alan Adler

Alan Adler is an American inventor. His inventions include aerodynamic toys, such as footballs... more »

Alan Blumlein

Alan Dower Blumlein was an English electronics engineer, notable for his many inventions in... more »

Alan Fry

Alan Fry was a physicist and inventor. more »

Alan Hale, Sr.

Alan Hale, Sr. was an American movie actor and director, most widely remembered for his many... more »

Alan J. Smith

Alan J. Smith was a researcher on the Artificial Cornea project at Stanford University. more »

Alastair Pilkington

Lionel Alexander Bethune Pilkington and his associate Kenneth Bickerstaff, both of Great... more »

Albert Armes

Albert Armes was an inventor affiliated with Stanford University. more »

Albert Ballin

Albert Ballin was a German shipping magnate, who was the general director of the... more »

Albert C. Barnes

Albert Coombs Barnes was an American physician, chemist, businessman, art collector, writer, and... more »

Albert E. Richardson

Albert E. Richardson was a clockmaker from Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, who designed the first... more »

Albert Fonó

Albert Fonó, a successful Hungarian mechanical engineer who was one of the early pioneers of... more »

Albert Henry Munsell

Albert Henry Munsell was an American painter, teacher of art, and the inventor of the Munsell... more »

Albert Hull

Albert W. Hull is an American electrical engineer who made contributions to the development of... more »

Albert Hunt

Albert Hunt was the inventor of the wigwag, a grade crossing signal used in transportation. Hunt... more »

Albert Kingsbury

Albert Kingsbury [1] was an American engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He was responsible for... more »

Albert L. Marsh

Albert Leroy Marsh, was an American metallurgist. In 1905 he co-invented the first metallic... more »

Albert Macovski

Albert Macovski is an American Professor at Stanford University, known for his many innovations... more »

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