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Arthur Wynne

Arthur Wynne was the British-born inventor of the modern crossword puzzle. more »

Artie Moore

Arthur Moore was a Welsh wireless operator who heard a distress signal from RMS Titanic before... more »

Artur Fischer

Artur Fischer is an inventor. He registered his first patent in 1949 for a Photo Flash Light,... more »

Arundhuti Ganguly

Arundhuti Ganguly is Consulting Assistant Professor of Radiology, Stanford University more »

Arvid Gerhard Damm

Arvid Gerhard Damm was a Swedish engineer and inventor. He designed a number of cipher machines,... more »

Asha Nayak

Asha Nayak participates in the Venture Capital and Private Equity services. She was a... more »

Ashish Nimgaonkar

Ashish Nimgaonkar was a Fellow in the Stanford Biodesign program. more »

Assen Jordanoff

Assen "Jerry" Jordanoff was a Bulgarian American inventor, engineer, and aviator. Jordanoff is... more »

August Müller

August Müller, born in Mönchengladbach, was a medical student at the University of Kiel,... more »

August Schrader

August Schrader was a German-American immigrant who had a shop dealing in rubber products in... more »

August von Borries

August Friedrich Wilhelm von Borries was one of Germany's most influential railway engineers,... more »

Auguste Lumière

Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumière was a film producer and a fim director. more »

Augustin Thompson

Augustin Thompson was a physician, business person and philanthropist who created the Moxie soft... more »

Augustus Hoch

Augustus Hoch is an inventor. more »

Augustus Jackson

Augustus Jackson was an African-American candy confectioner from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... more »

Augustus Moore Herring

Augustus Moore Herring was an American aviation pioneer, who sometimes is claimed by Michigan... more »

Augustus Siebe

Christian Augustus Siebe was a German-born British engineer chiefly known for his contributions... more »

Aurel Persu

Aurel Persu was a Romanian engineer and pioneer car designer, the first to place the wheels... more »

Aurel Stodola

Aurel Boleslav Stodola was a Slovak engineer, physicist, and inventor. He was a pioneer in the... more »

Aurel Vlaicu

Aurel Vlaicu was a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot. more »

Austin F. Cushman

Austin F. Cushman invented the self-centering Cushman universal chuck in 1862; his uncle, Simon... more »

Aviv Mazer

Aviv Mazer is a Post-doctoral research fellow in the VISTA Lab at Stanford University. more »

Axel Welin

Axel Welin, was a Swedish inventor and industrialist. Ernst Axel Martin Welin studied at the... more »

Ayako Yamazaki

Ayako Yamazaki was Web Site Coordinator for the Stanford University US-Japan Technology... more »

Ayelet Voskoboynik

Ayelet Voskoboynik is Senior Research Associate of Pathology in the Stem Cell Institute at... more »

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