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Alexander Abian

Alexander Abian was an Armenian-American mathematician who taught for many years at Iowa State... more »

Alexander Aitken

Alexander Craig "Alec" Aitken FRSNZ FRSE FRS was one of New Zealand's greatest mathematicians. more »

Alexander Anderson

Alexander Anderson was a Scottish mathematician. He was the son of David Anderson of Finshaugh... more »

Alexander Beilinson

Alexander A. Beilinson is the David and Mary Winton Green University Professor at the University... more »

Alexander Bukalov

Aleksandr Bukalov, is an Ukrainian Socionics specialist, Doctor of Psychology, Director of the... more »

Alexander Dewdney

Alexander Keewatin Dewdney is a Canadian mathematician, computer scientist and author who has... more »

Alexander Esenin-Volpin

Alexander Sergeyevich Esenin-Volpin is a prominent Russian-American poet and mathematician. A... more »

Alexander Freeman

Alexander Freeman was English astronomer and mathematician and a noted correspondent of James... more »

Alexander Friedmann

Alexander Alexandrovich Friedmann was a Russian and Soviet physicist and mathematician. He is... more »

Alexander Gelfond

Alexander Osipovich Gelfond was a Soviet mathematician. Gelfond's theorem is named after him. more »

Alexander Givental

Alexander Givental is a Russian American mathematician working in the area of symplectic... more »

Alexander Grothendieck

Alexander Grothendieck is a French mathematician, born in Germany, raised and living primarily... more »

Alexander Kirillov, Jr.

Alexander Alexandrovich Kirillov, Jr. is an American mathematician of Russian descent, working... more »

Alexander Kronrod

Aleksandr Semenovich Kronrod was a Soviet mathematician and computer scientist, best known for... more »

Alexander MacAulay

Alexander McAulay was an explorer of Clifford biquaternion theory and was the first professor of... more »

Alexander Macfarlane

Alexander Macfarlane FRSE was a Scottish logician, physicist, and mathematician. Macfarlane was... more »

Alexander Molev

Alexander Ivanovich Molev is a Russian-Australian mathematician. He completed his Ph.D. in 1986... more »

Alexander Nabutovsky

Alexander Nabutovsky is a Canadian mathematician specializing in differential geometry,... more »

Alexander Oppenheim

Sir Alexander Oppenheim, OBE FRSE PMN was a British mathematician. In mathematics, his most... more »

Alexander Ostrowski

Alexander Markowich Ostrowski was a mathematician. His father Mark having been a merchant,... more »

Alexander Razborov

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Razborov, sometimes known as Sasha Razborov, is a Soviet and Russian... more »

Alexander Rinnooy Kan

Alexander Hendrik George Rinnooy Kan is a Dutch mathematician and business leader. As of... more »

Alexander S. Kechris

Alexander Sotirios Kechris is a descriptive set theorist and ergodic theorist at Caltech. He has... more »

Alexander Skopin

Alexander Ivanovich Skopin was a Russian mathematician known for his contributions to abstract... more »

Alexander Tetelbaum

Alexander Tetelbaum is an educator, inventor, scientist, academician, and entrepreneur. He has... more »

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