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András Frank

András Frank is a Hungarian mathematician, working in combinatorics, especially in graph theory,... more »

András Gyárfás

András Gyárfás is a Hungarian mathematician who specializes in combinatorics and graph theory... more »

András Kornai

András Kornai, son of economist János Kornai, is a well-known mathematical linguist. He earned... more »

András Sárközy

András Sárközy is a Hungarian mathematician, working in analytic and combinatorial number... more »

André Bloch

André Bloch was a French mathematician who is best remembered for his fundamental contribution... more »

André Haefliger

André Haefliger is a Swiss mathematician who works primarily on topology. He studied mathematics... more »

André Joyal

André Joyal is a professor of mathematics at the Université du Québec à Montréal who works on... more »

André Lichnerowicz

André Lichnerowicz was a noted French differential geometer and mathematical physicist of Polish... more »

André Néron

André Néron was a French mathematician at the Université de Poitiers who worked on elliptic... more »

André Sainte-Laguë

André Sainte-Laguë was a French mathematician who was a pioneer in the area of graph theory. His... more »

André Tacquet

André Tacquet was a Flemish mathematician and Jesuit Priest. His work prepared ground for the... more »

André Weil

André Weil was an influential French mathematician of the 20th century, known for his... more »

André-Louis Cholesky

André-Louis Cholesky was a French military officer and mathematician. Cholesky was born in... more »

Andrea Argoli

Andrea Argoli, born in Tagliacozzo, was a versatile Italianscholar. He was a jurist,... more »

Andrea Milani

Andrea Milani Comparetti is an Italian mathematician based at Pisa University interested in... more »

Andrea Naccari

Andrea Naccari is notable for his study of the thermoelectric properties of metals, the... more »

Andreas Blass

Andreas Raphael Blass is a mathematician, currently a professor at the University of Michigan... more »

Andreas Cellarius

Andreas Cellarius was a Dutch-German cartographer, best known for his Harmonia Macrocosmica of... more »

Andreas Speiser

Andreas Speiser was a Swiss Mathematician and Philosopher of Science. more »

Andreas Stöberl

Andreas Stöberl, better known by his latinised name Andreas Stiborius, was a German humanist... more »

Andreas von Ettingshausen

Andreas Freiherr von Ettingshausen was a German mathematician and physicist. Ettingshausen... more »

Andrei Bolibrukh

Andrei Andreevich Bolibrukh was a Soviet and Russian mathematician. He was known for his work on... more »

Andrei Knyazev

Andrei Knyazev is a Russian-American mathematician. He graduated from the Faculty of... more »

Andrei Okounkov

Andrei Yuryevich Okounkov is a Russian mathematician who works on representation theory and its... more »

Andrei Suslin

Andrei Suslin is a Russian mathematician who has made contributions to the field of algebra,... more »