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Arjen Lenstra

Arjen Klaas Lenstra is a Dutch mathematician. He studied mathematics at the University of... more »

Armand Borel

Armand Borel was a Swiss mathematician, born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and was a permanent professor... more »

Armando Fox

Armando Fox is Assistant Professor of Computer Science and, by courtesy, of Electrical... more »

Arnaud Denjoy

Arnaud Denjoy was a French mathematician. Denjoy was born in Auch, Gers. His contributions... more »

Arne Beurling

Arne Carl-August Beurling was a Swedish mathematician and professor of mathematics at Uppsala... more »

Arne Meurman

Arne Meurman is a Swedish mathematician working on finite groups and vertex operator algebras... more »

Arne Sletsjøe

Arne Bernhard Sletsjøe is a Norwegian mathematician and retired sprint canoer who competed... more »

Arnold Ross

Arnold Ephraim Ross was a mathematician and educator who founded the Ross Mathematics Program, a... more »

Arnold Schönhage

Arnold Schönhage is a mathematician and computer scientist and Professor Emeritus at Rheinische... more »

Arnold Walfisz

Arnold Walfisz was a Polish mathematician working in analytic number theory. more »

Arnould Herbert Hurt

Arnould Herbert Hurt was a mathematician and clergyman. more »

Aron Simis

Aron Simis is a mathematician born in Recife, Brazil in 1942. He is a full professor at the... more »

Artemas Martin

Artemas Martin was a self-educated American mathematician. more »

Arthur Black

Arthur Black was an English mathematician. more »

Arthur Burks

Arthur Walter Burks was an American mathematician who worked in the 1940s as a senior engineer... more »

Arthur Byron Coble

Arthur Byron Coble was an American mathematician. He did research on finite geometries and the... more »

Arthur Cayley

Arthur Cayley F.R.S. was a British mathematician. He helped found the modern British school of... more »

Arthur Erdélyi

Arthur Erdélyi FRS, FRSE was a Hungarian-born British mathematician. Erdélyi was a leading... more »

Arthur Harold Stone

Arthur Harold Stone was a British mathematician born in London, who worked mostly in topology... more »

Arthur Herbert Copeland

Arthur Herbert Copeland was an American mathematician. He graduated from Harvard University in... more »

Arthur J. Lohwater

Arthur John "Jack" Lohwater was an American mathematician. He obtained a Ph.D. in mathematics at... more »

Arthur Jaffe

Arthur Jaffe is an American mathematical physicist and a professor at Harvard University. more »

Arthur Jolliffe

Arthur Ernest Jolliffe – 17 March 1944 was a British mathematician. more »

Arthur Mattuck

Arthur Paul Mattuck is a professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology... more »

Arthur Moritz Schoenflies

Arthur Moritz Schoenflies, sometimes written as Schönflies, was a German mathematician, known... more »

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