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Allen Hatcher

Allen Edward Hatcher is an American topologist and author. He received his Ph.D. under the... more »

Alonzo Church

Alonzo Church was an American mathematician and logician who made major contributions to... more »

Alphonse Antonio de Sarasa

Alphonse Antonio de Sarasa was a Jesuit mathematician who contributed to the understanding of... more »

Alphonse de Polignac

Alphonse de Polignac was a French mathematician. In 1849, the year he was admitted to... more »

Alwin Korselt

Alwin Reinhold Korselt was a German mathematician. He discovered Korselt's Criterion which... more »

Amin Saberi

Amin Saberi is Assistant Professor of Management Science and Engineering and, by courtesy, of... more »

Amitai Regev

Amitai Regev is an Israeli mathematician, known for his work in ring theory. He is the Herman P... more »

Amiya Charan Banerjee

Amiya Charan Banerjee was an Indian mathematician. more »

Anadi Sankar Gupta

Anadi Sankar Gupta was an Indian mathematician. Till his death, he was an INSA Senior Scientist... more »

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician and a columnist for various national and international... more »

Anania Shirakatsi

Anania Shirakatsi was an Armenian mathematician, astronomer and geographer. He is commonly... more »

Anatoli Georgievich Vitushkin

Anatoli Georgievich Vitushkin was a Soviet mathematician noted for his work on mathematical... more »

Anatolii Goldberg

Anatolii Asirovich Goldberg was a mathematician working in complex analysis. His main area of... more »

Anatoly Fomenko

Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, professor at Moscow State... more »

Anatoly Karatsuba

Anatoly Alexeevitch Karatsuba was a Russian mathematician working in the field of analytic... more »

Anatoly Maltsev

Anatoly Ivanovich Maltsev was born in Misheronsky, near Moscow, and died in Novosibirsk, USSR... more »

Anatoly Samoilenko

Anatoly Mykhailovych Samoilenko is a Ukrainian mathematician, an Academician of the National... more »

Anatoly Vershik

Anatoly Moiseevich Vershik is a Soviet and Russian mathematician. He is most famous for his... more »


Anaxagoras was a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. Born in Clazomenae in Asia Minor, Anaxagoras... more »


Anaximander was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who lived in Miletus, a city of Ionia. He... more »

Anaximenes of Miletus

Anaximenes of Miletus was an Archaic Greek Pre-Socratic philosopher active in the latter half of... more »

Anders Hald

Anders Hald was a Danish statistician who made contributions to the history of statistics. He... more »

Anders Johan Lexell

Anders Johan Lexell was a Finnish-Swedish astronomer, mathematician, and physicist who spent... more »

Anders Lindstedt

Anders Lindstedt was a Swedish mathematician, astronomer, and actuarial scientist, known for the... more »

Anders Wiman

Anders Wiman was a Swedish mathematician. Wiman attained his doctorate from Lund University in... more »

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