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Alexander Volberg

Alexander Volberg is a Russian mathematician. He is working in operator theory, complex analysis... more »

Alexander von Brill

Alexander Wilhelm von Brill was a German mathematician. Born in Darmstadt, Hesse, he attended... more »

Alexander Wilson

Alexander Wilson FRSE was a Scottish surgeon, type-founder, astronomer, mathematician and... more »

Alexander Witting

Carl Johann Adolf Alexander Witting was a German mathematician. more »

Alexandra Bellow

Alexandra Bellow is a mathematician from Bucharest, Romania, who has made substantial... more »

Alexandre Chorin

Alexandre Joel Chorin is a University Professor at the University of California, a Professor of... more »

Alexandre Kirillov

Alexandre Aleksandrovich Kirillov is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, renowned for his works... more »

Alexandre-Théophile Vandermonde

Alexandre-Théophile Vandermonde was a French musician, mathematician and chemist who worked with... more »

Alexandru Froda

Alexandru Froda was a well-known Romanian mathematician with important contributions in the... more »

Alexandru Ghika

Alexandru Ghika was a Romanian mathematician, founder of the Romanian school of functional analysis. more »

Alexei Borodin

Alexei Borodin is Professor of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. more »

Alexey Chervonenkis

Alexey Jakovlevich Chervonenkis is a Soviet and Russian mathematician, and, with Vladimir... more »

Alexey Grigorevich Ivakhnenko

Olexiy Hryhorovych Ivakhnenko was a Ukrainian mathematician. He was an Academician of the... more »

Alexey Lyapunov

Alexey Andreevich Lyapunov was a Soviet mathematician and an early pioneer of computer science... more »

Alexis Bonnet

Alexis Bonnet is a French mathematician and investor. For his research on partial differential... more »

Alexis Caswell

Alexis Caswell was an American educator, born in Taunton, Massachusetts. He graduated Brown... more »

Alexis Clairaut

Alexis Claude Clairaut was a prominent French mathematician, astronomer, geophysicist, and... more »

Alexis Fontaine des Bertins

Alexis Fontaine, known as Alexis Fontaine des Bertins was a French mathematician. He was a... more »

Alexis Hocquenghem

Alexis Hocquenghem was a French mathematician. He is known for his discovery of... more »

Alfred Brauer

Alfred Theodor Brauer was a German-American mathematician who did work in number theory. He... more »

Alfred Cardew Dixon

Alfred Cardew Dixon FRS was an English mathematician. Dixon was born on 22 May 1865 in... more »

Alfred Clebsch

Rudolf Friedrich Alfred Clebsch was a German mathematician who made important contributions to... more »

Alfred Enneper

Alfred Enneper was a German mathematician. Enneper earned his PhD from the Georg-August-Universit... more »

Alfred George Greenhill

Sir George Greenhill, F.R.S., was a British mathematician. George Greenhill was educated at... more »

Alfred Goldie

Alfred William Goldie was an English Mathematician. Goldie was educated at Wolverhampton Grammar... more »

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