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Charles Angas Hurst

Charles Angas Hurst, AM, PhD, Hon DSc was an Australian mathematical physicist noted for his... more »

Charles B. Morrey, Jr.

Charles Bradfield Morrey Jr. was an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to... more »

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage, FRS was an English polymath. He was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor and... more »

Charles Bossut

Charles Bossut was a French mathematician and confrère of the Encyclopaedists. He was born at... more »

Charles Cobb

Charles Wiggins Cobb was an American mathematician and economist and a 1912 Ph.D. graduate of... more »

Charles Colbourn

Charles Joseph Colbourn is a Canadian computer scientist and mathematician, whose research... more »

Charles Corfield

Charles "Nick" Corfield is a mathematician, computer programmer, and founder of several startup... more »

Charles de Bovelles

Charles de Bovelles was a French mathematician, and canon of Noyon. His Géométrie en françoys... more »

Charles Dunnett

Charles William "Charlie" Dunnett was a Canadian statistician. He was the Statistical Society of... more »

Charles Dupin

Pierre Charles François Dupin was a French Catholic mathematician. He studied geometry with... more »

Charles E. M. Pearce

Charles Edward Miller Pearce was a New Zealand/Australian mathematician. At the time of his... more »

Charles Ehresmann

Charles Ehresmann was a French mathematician who worked on differential topology and category... more »

Charles Étienne Louis Camus

Charles Étienne Louis Camus, was a French mathematician and mechanician who was born at... more »

Charles Fefferman

Charles Louis Fefferman is an American mathematician at Princeton University. His primary field... more »

Charles Haros

Charles Haros was a geometer in the French Bureau du Cadastre at the end of the eighteenth... more »

Charles Hayes

Charles Hayes was an English mathematician and chronologist, author of an early book on the... more »

Charles Hellaby

Dr Charles Hellaby is a lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He is a member of... more »

Charles Hermite

Charles Hermite was a French mathematician who did research on number theory, quadratic forms,... more »

Charles Howard Hinton

Charles Howard Hinton was a British mathematician and writer of science fiction works titled... more »

Charles Hutton

Charles Hutton was an English mathematician. He was professor of mathematics at the Royal... more »

Charles James Hargreave

Charles James Hargreave was an English judge and mathematician. more »

Charles Jasper Joly

Charles Jasper Joly was an Irish mathematician and astronomer who became Royal Astronomer of... more »

Charles Jean de la Vallée-Poussin

Charles-Jean Étienne Gustave Nicolas de la Vallée Poussin was a Belgian mathematician. He is... more »

Charles Julien Brianchon

Charles Julien Brianchon was a French mathematician and chemist. He entered into the École... more »

Charles Kalme

Charles Ivars Kalme was a Latvian American International Master of chess recognized by FIDE, the... more »

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