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Carl Friedrich Gauss

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician, who contributed significantly to many... more »

Carl Georg Barth

Carl Georg Lange Barth was a Norwegian-American mathematician and mechanical engineer who... more »

Carl Gottlieb Ehler

Carl Gottlieb Ehler was born in 1685 in what is now considered modern-day Germany. Ehler is... more »

Carl Gustav Axel Harnack

Carl Gustav Axel von Harnack was a German mathematician who contributed to potential theory... more »

Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi

Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi was a German mathematician, who made fundamental contributions to... more »

Carl Hewitt

Carl Eddie Hewitt is Board Chair of the International Society for Inconsistency Robustness. He... more »

Carl Hierholzer

Carl Hierholzer was a German mathematician. more »

Carl Hindenburg

Carl Friedrich Hindenburg was a German mathematician born in Dresden. His work centered mostly... more »

Carl Jockusch

Carl Groos Jockusch, Jr. is an American mathematician. Born in San Antonio, Texas, he is a... more »

Carl Johannes Thomae

Carl Johannes Thomae was a German mathematician. more »

Carl Ludwig Siegel

Carl Ludwig Siegel was a German mathematician specialising in number theory and celestial... more »

Carl Neumann

Carl Gottfried Neumann, also Karl Gottfried Neumann, was a German mathematician. Neumann was... more »

Carl Pomerance

Carl Bernard Pomerance is a well-known number theorist. He attended college at Brown University... more »

Carl R. de Boor

Carl-Wilhelm Reinhold de Boor is a German-American mathematician and professor emeritus at the... more »

Carl Størmer

Fredrik Carl Mülertz Størmer was a Norwegian mathematician and physicist, known both for his... more »

Carl Theodor Anger

Carl Theodor Anger was a German mathematician and astronomer. He was a student of and assistant... more »

Carl Wilhelm Borchardt

Carl Wilhelm Borchardt was a German mathematician. Borchardt was born to a Jewish family in... more »

Carl-Gustav Esseen

Carl-Gustav Esseen was a Swedish mathematician. His work was in the theory of probability. The... more »

Carlo Alberto Castigliano

Carlo Alberto Castigliano was an Italian mathematician and physicist known for Castigliano's... more »

Carlo Antonio Manzini

Conte Carlo Antonio Manzini was an Italian astronomer and mathematician. He was a member of the... more »

Carlo Emilio Bonferroni

Carlo Emilio Bonferroni was an Italian mathematician who worked on probability theory. Carlo... more »

Carlo Lodoli

Carlo Lodoli was an Italian architectural theorist, Franciscan priest, mathematician and... more »

Carlo Severini

Carlo Severini was an Italian mathematician: he was born in Arcevia and died in Pesaro... more »

Carlo Somigliana

Carlo Somigliana was an Italian mathematician and a classical mathematical physicist faithful to... more »

Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Carlos Castillo-Chavez is a Regents Professor, and Joaquin Bustoz Jr. Professor of Mathematical... more »

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