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Felix Otto

Felix Otto is a German mathematician. He studied mathematics at the University of Bonn,... more »

Felix Pollaczek

Félix Pollaczek was an Austrian-French engineer and mathematician, known for numerous... more »

Feng Kang

Feng Kang was a Chinese mathematician and scientist. He was born in Nanjing, China and spent his... more »

Feodor Deahna

Heinrich Wilhelm Feodor Deahna was a German mathematician, best known for providing proof of... more »

Ferdinand Georg Frobenius

Ferdinand Georg Frobenius was a German mathematician, best known for his contributions to the... more »

Ferdinand Joachimsthal

Ferdinand J. Joachimsthal was a German mathematician. He was born on March 9, 1818, at Goldberg,... more »

Ferdinand Minding

Ferdinand Minding was a German-Russian mathematician known for his contributions to differential... more »

Ferdinand von Lindemann

Carl Louis Ferdinand von Lindemann was a German mathematician, noted for his proof, published in... more »

Feza Gürsey

Feza Gürsey was a Turkish mathematician and physicist. Among his most prominent contributions to... more »

Filip Lundberg

Ernst Filip Oskar Lundberg Swedish actuary, founder of mathematical risk theory and managing... more »

Florence Rivault

Florence Rivault was a French mathematician and royal servant. He was born probably at La... more »

Florentin Smarandache

Dr. Florentin Smarandache adalah Profesor Matematika Universitas New Mexico di Amerika Serikat... more »

Florian Cajori

Florian Cajori was an American historian of mathematics. more »

Florian Pop

Florian Pop is a Romanian mathematician, a professor of mathematics at the University of... more »

Florimond de Beaune

Florimond de Beaune was a French jurist and mathematician, and an early follower of René... more »

Florin Diacu

Florin Diacu, born 1959, Sibiu, Romania, is a Canadian mathematician and author. more »

Floris Takens

Floris Takens was a Dutch mathematician known for contributions to the theory of chaotic... more »

Floyd Williams

Floyd Leroy Williams is a North American mathematician well known for his work in Lie theory... more »

Fokko du Cloux

Fokko du Cloux was a Dutch mathematician and computer scientist. He worked on the Atlas of Lie... more »

Franc Breckerfeld

Franc Breckerfeld was a Slovene theologian, mathematician, astronomer and latinist. In his later... more »

Franc Hočevar

Franz Josef Hočevar, in Slovenian, Franc Jože Hočevar, was an Austrian–Slovenian mathematician... more »

Frances Cave-Browne-Cave

Frances Evelyn Cave-Browne-Cave, English mathematician. Frances Cave-Browne-Cave was the... more »

Frances Kirwan

Dame Frances Clare Kirwan DBE FRS is a British mathematician, currently a Professor of... more »

Francesco Barozzi

Francesco Barozzi was an Italian mathematician, astronomer and humanist. more »

Francesco Brioschi

Francesco Brioschi was an Italian mathematician. Brioschi was born in Milan in 1824. From 1850... more »

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