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Francesco Cetti

Francesco Cetti was an Italian Jesuit priest, zoologist and mathematician. Cetti was born in... more »

Francesco Faà di Bruno

The Blessed Francesco Faà di Bruno was an Italian priest and advocate of the poor, as well being... more »

Francesco Maria Grimaldi

Francesco Maria Grimaldi was an Italian Jesuit priest, mathematician and physicist who taught at... more »

Francesco Maurolico

Francesco Maurolico was a Greek mathematician and astronomer of Sicily. Throughout his lifetime,... more »

Francesco Paolo Cantelli

Francesco Paolo Cantelli was an Italian mathematician. He received his doctorate in mathematics... more »

Francesco Severi

Francesco Severi was an Italian mathematician. Severi was born in Arezzo, Italy. He is famous... more »

Francesco Tricomi

Francesco Giacomo Tricomi was an Italian mathematician famous for his studies on mixed type... more »

Francine F. Abeles

Francine F. Abeles is Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Kean University in New... more »

Francine Faure

Francine Faure, a pianist specializing in Bach and a mathematician, is perhaps best known as the... more »

Francis Allotey

Francis Kofi Ampenyin Allotey is a Ghanaian internationally respected mathematical physicist. He... more »

Francis B. Hildebrand

Francis Begnaud Hildebrand was an American mathematician. He was a Professor of mathematics at... more »

Francis Guthrie

Francis Guthrie was a South African mathematician and botanist who first posed the Four Colour... more »

Francis John Welsh Whipple

Francis John Welsh Whipple was an English mathematician and meteorologist. From 1925 to 1939 he... more »

Francis Joseph Murray

Francis Joseph Murray was a mathematician, known for his foundational work on functional... more »

Francis Robbins Upton

Francis Robbins Upton was an American physicist and mathematician. more »

Francis Sowerby Macaulay

Francis Sowerby Macaulay FRS was an English mathematician who made significant contributions to... more »

Francis Williams

Francis Williams was a scholar and poet born in Kingston, Jamaica. more »

Francis Zappa

Francis Zappa was the father of Frank Zappa. more »

Francisco Antônio Dória

Francisco Antônio de Moraes Accioli Dória is a Brazilian mathematician, philosopher, and... more »

Francisco da Costa Gomes

Francisco da Costa Gomes, ComTE, GOA was a Portuguese military officer and politician, the 15th... more »

Francisco de Artiga

Francisco de Artiga, a celebrated Spanish landscape and historical painter, was born at Huesca,... more »

Francisco Javier González-Acuña

Francisco Javier González-Acuña is a mathematician in the UNAM's institute of mathematics and... more »

Franciszek Leja

Franciszek Leja was a Polish mathematician. He was born to a poor peasant family in the... more »

François Arago

François Jean Dominique Arago, known simply as François Arago, was a French mathematician,... more »

François Bruhat

François Georges René Bruhat was a French mathematician who worked on algebraic groups. The... more »

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