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Friedrich Julius Richelot

Friedrich Julius Richelot was a German mathematician, born in Königsberg. He was a student of... more »

Friedrich Karl Schmidt

Friedrich Karl Schmidt was a German mathematician, who made notable contributions to algebra and... more »

Friedrich L. Bauer

Friedrich Ludwig Bauer is a German computer scientist and professor emeritus at Technical... more »

Friedrich Schottky

Friedrich Hermann Schottky was a German mathematician who worked on elliptic, abelian, and theta... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm Levi

Friedrich Wilhelm Daniel Levi was a German mathematician known for his work in abstract algebra... more »

Friedrich Wilhelm Schäfke

Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Schäfke was a German mathematician and professor of geometry. more »

Frigyes Riesz

Frigyes Riesz was a Hungarian mathematician who made fundamental contributions to functional... more »

Fritz Burckhardt

Swiss scientist, teacher and university professor. more »

Fritz Carlson

Fritz David Carlson was a Swedish mathematician. After the death of Torsten Carleman, he headed... more »

Fritz Gesztesy

Friedrich „Fritz“ Gesztesy is a well-known Austrian-American mathematical physicist and... more »

Fritz Herzog

Fritz Herzog was an American mathematician, known for his work in complex analysis and power... more »

Fritz John

Fritz John was a German-born mathematician specialising in partial differential equations and... more »

Fritz Noether

Fritz Alexander Ernst Noether was a German-born mathematician. Fritz Noether's father Max... more »

Fritz Ursell

Fritz Joseph Ursell FRS was a British mathematician noted for his contributions to fluid... more »

Fuat Mansurov

Fuat Mansurov was a Soviet and Russian conductor. Mansurov was born in 10 January 1928 in... more »

Fujita Sadasuke

Fujita Sadasuke, also known as Honda Teiken, was a Japanese mathematician in the Edo period. He... more »

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