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François Budan de Boislaurent

Ferdinand François Désiré Budan de Boislaurent was a French amateur mathematician, best known... more »

François d'Aguilon

François d'Aguilon was a Belgian Jesuit mathematician, physicist and architect. D'Aguilon was... more »

François Jacquier

François Jacquier was a French Franciscan mathematician and physicist. more »

François Labourie

François Labourie is a French mathematician who has made various contributions to geometry,... more »

François Le Lionnais

François Le Lionnais was a French chemical engineer and writer. He was a co-founder of the... more »

François Loeser

François Loeser is a French mathematician. He is Professor of Mathematics at the... more »

François Nicole

François Nicole was a French mathematician, born in Paris and died there, who published his... more »

François Viète

François Viète, Seigneur de la Bigotière, was a French mathematician whose work on new algebra... more »

Frank Bonsall

Frank Featherstone Bonsall FRS was a British mathematician. more »

Frank Harary

Frank Harary was a prolific American mathematician, who specialized in graph theory. He was... more »

Frank Kelly

Francis Patrick "Frank" Kelly, CBE, FRS is professor of the Mathematics of Systems in the... more »

Frank Lauren Hitchcock

Frank Lauren Hitchcock was an American mathematician and physicist notable for vector analysis... more »

Frank Morgan

Frank Morgan is an American mathematician and the Webster Atwell '21 Professor of Mathematics at... more »

Frank Morley

Frank Morley was a leading mathematician, known mostly for his teaching and research in the... more »

Frank Nelson Cole

Frank Nelson Cole, Ph.D. was an American mathematician, born in Ashland, Massachusetts, and... more »

Frank P. Ramsey

Frank Plumpton Ramsey was a precocious British philosopher, mathematician and economist who died... more »

Frank Pieter Israel

Frank Pieter Israel is a Dutch astronomer. He received his Ph.D. in astronomy at the Leiden... more »

Frank Quinn

Frank Stringfellow Quinn, III is an American mathematician and professor of mathematics at... more »

Frank Spitzer

Frank Ludvig Spitzer was an Austrian-born American mathematician who made fundamental... more »

Frank Verstraete

Frank Verstraete is a Belgian quantum physicist who is working on the interface between quantum... more »

Frank W. Bubb, Sr.

Frank Bubb was a scientist and a mathematician at Washington University. He was a part of the... more »

Frank Yates

Frank Yates FRS was one of the pioneers of 20th century statistics. more »

Frans van Schooten

Franciscus van Schooten was a Dutch mathematician who is most known for popularizing the... more »

František Josef Studnička

František Josef Studnička was a Czech mathematician and popular pedagogue at Charles University... more »

František Nušl

František Nušl was a Czech astronomer and mathematician. more »

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