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Gottfried Köthe

Gottfried Maria Hugo Köthe was an Austrian mathematician working in abstract algebra and... more »

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz was a German mathematician and philosopher. He occupies a... more »

Gotthold Eisenstein

Ferdinand Gotthold Max Eisenstein was a German mathematician. He specialized in number theory... more »

Gottlob Frege

Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege was a German mathematician, logician and philosopher. He is... more »


Govindasvāmi was an Indian mathematical astronomer most famous for his Bhasya, a commentary on... more »

Grace Alele-Williams

Grace Alele-Williams, made history as the first Nigerian woman to become the head of a Nigerian... more »

Grace Chisholm Young

Grace Chisholm Young was an English mathematician. She was educated at Girton College,... more »

Grace Hopper

Grace Murray Hopper was an American computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral. A... more »

Graciano Ricalde Gamboa

Mauro Graciano Ricalde Gamboa was a Mexican mathematician. Ricalde Gamboa was born in Hoctun,... more »

Gradimir Milovanović

Gradimir V. Milovanović is a mathematician from Serbia known for his contributions to... more »

Graeme Segal

Graeme Bryce Segal FRS is a British mathematician, and professor at the University of... more »

Graham Higman

Graham Higman FRS was a leading British mathematician. He is known for his contributions to... more »

Graham Nelson

Graham A. Nelson is a British mathematician and poet and the creator of the Inform design system... more »

Graham Robert Allan

Graham Robert Allan was an English mathematician, specializing in Banach algebras. He was a... more »

Graham Sutton

Sir Graham Sutton CBE FRS was a British mathematician and meteorologist. He was educated at... more »

Granville Sewell

Edward Granville Sewell is an American mathematician, university professor, and intelligent... more »

Greg Kuperberg

Greg Kuperberg is a Polish-born American mathematician known for his contributions to geometric... more »

Gregg Zuckerman

Gregg Jay Zuckerman is a mathematician at Yale University who discovered Zuckerman functors and... more »

Grégoire de Saint-Vincent

Grégoire de Saint-Vincent was a Flemish Jesuit and mathematician. more »

Gregorio Fontana

Gregorio Fontana was an Italian mathematician. He was chair of mathematics at the university of... more »

Gregorio Klimovsky

Gregorio Klimovsky was a mathematician and philosopher. more »

Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro

Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro was an Italian mathematician born in Lugo di Romagna. He is most famous... more »

Gregory V. Chudnovsky

Gregory V. Chudnovsky is a 1980 Guggenheim Fellow in Natural Sciences. more »

Gregory Wayne Brumfiel

Gregory Brumfiel is a Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University. more »

Grete Hermann

Grete Hermann was a German mathematician and philosopher noted for her work in mathematics,... more »

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