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Garry Chinn

Garry Chinn is a Research & Development Engineer in Radiology at Stanford University. more »

Gary Chartrand

Gary Theodore Chartrand is an American-born mathematician who specializes in graph theory. He... more »

Gary Michael Seitz

Gary Michael Seitz is an American mathematician a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society... more »

Gaspar Schott

Gaspar Schott was a German Jesuit and scientist, specializing in the fields of physics,... more »

Gaspard de Prony

Gaspard Clair François Marie Riche de Prony was a French mathematician and engineer, who worked... more »

Gaspard Monge

Gaspard Monge, Comte de Péluse was a French mathematician, the inventor of descriptive geometry,... more »

Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis

Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis or Gustave Coriolis was a French mathematician, mechanical engineer... more »

Gaspare Mainardi

Gaspare Mainardi was an Italian mathematician active in differential geometry. He is remembered... more »

Gasparo Berti

Gasparo Berti was an Italian mathematician, astronomer and physicist. He was probably born in... more »

Gaston Floquet

Achille Marie Gaston Floquet was a French mathematician, best known for his work in mathematical... more »

Gaston Julia

Gaston Maurice Julia was a French mathematician who devised the formula for the Julia set. His... more »

Gaston Tarry

Gaston Tarry was a French mathematician. Born in Villefranche de Rouergue, Aveyron, he studied... more »

Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro

Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro is a Brazilian engineer, mathematician and statistician of international... more »

Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown AO was a Scottish-born mathematician, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of... more »

Ge Wang

Ge Wang is a Chinese American musician and computer scientist, known for developing the ChucK... more »

Geir Ellingsrud

Geir Ellingsrud is professor of mathematics at the University of Oslo, where he specialises in... more »

Gelenbevi Ismail Efendi

Ismail Gelenbevi was an Ottoman mathematician and professor at the Naval College in Istanbul,... more »


Geminus of Rhodes, was a Greek astronomer and mathematician, who flourished in the 1st century... more »

Gemma Frisius

Gemma Frisius, was a physician, mathematician, cartographer, philosopher, and instrument maker... more »

Gene H. Golub

Gene Howard Golub, Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, was one... more »

Gene Ward Smith

Gene Ward Smith is an American mathematician and music theorist. In mathematics he has worked in... more »

Geneviève Guitel

Geneviève Guitel was a French mathematician. She is mostly remembered for her introduction of... more »

Geoff Bascand

Geoff Bascand is the Deputy Governor and Head of Operations at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand... more »

Geoff Smith

Geoffrey Charles Smith, MBE is a British mathematician. He is Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at... more »

Geoffrey Colin Shephard

Geoffrey Colin Shephard is a mathematician who works on convex geometry and reflection groups... more »

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