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Geoffrey Grimmett

Geoffrey Richard Grimmett is a mathematician known for his work on the mathematics of random... more »

Geoffrey Horrocks

Geoffrey Horrocks was a British mathematician working on vector bundles, who introduced the... more »

Geoffrey K. Martin

Geoffrey K. Martin is a mathematician currently advising in the field of mathematical physics... more »

Geoffrey Watson

Geoffrey Stuart Watson was an Australian statistician. Watson was born in Bendigo, Victoria in... more »

Georg Alexander Pick

Georg Alexander Pick was an Austrian mathematician. He was born in a Jewish family to Josefa... more »

Georg Cantor

Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor was a German mathematician, best known as the inventor of... more »

Georg Christoph Eimmart

Georg Christoph Eimmart, the younger, a German draughtsman and engraver, was born at Ratisbon... more »

Georg Erhard Hamberger

Georg Erhard Hamberger was a German professor of medicine, surgery, and botany. Hamberger was... more »

Georg Hamel

Georg Karl Wilhelm Hamel was a German mathematician with interests in mechanics, the foundations... more »

Georg Helm

Georg Ferdinand Helm was a German mathematician. Helm graduated from high school from the... more »

Georg Joachim Rheticus

Georg Joachim de Porris, also known as Rheticus, was a mathematician, cartographer,... more »

Georg Kreisel

Georg Kreisel FRS is an Austrian-born mathematical logician who has studied and worked in Great... more »

Georg Mohr

Jørgen Mohr was a Danish mathematician, known for being the first to prove the Mohr–Mascheroni... more »

Georg Nöbeling

Georg August Nöbeling was a German mathematician. Born and raised in Lüdenscheid, Nöbeling... more »

Georg Ohm

Georg Simon Ohm was a German physicist and mathematician. As a school teacher, Ohm began his... more »

Georg Scheffers

Georg Scheffers was a German mathematician specializing in differential geometry. He was born on... more »

Georg Simon Klügel

Georg Simon Klügel was a German mathematician and physicist. He was born in Hamburg, and in 1760... more »

Georg Tannstetter

Georg Tannstetter, also called Georgius Collimitius, was a humanist teaching at the University... more »

Georg von Peuerbach

Georg von Peuerbach was an Austrian astronomer, mathematician and instrument maker, best known... more »

Georg Wolfgang Wedel

Georg Wolfgang Wedel was a German professor of surgery, botany, theoretical and practical... more »

George A. Elliott

George A. Elliott is a Canadian mathematician specializing in operator algebras, K-theory, and... more »

George Adolphus Schott

George Adolphus Schott FRS was a British mathematician. He is best known for developing the full... more »

George Adomian

George Adomian was the Armenian-American mathematician who developed the Adomian decomposition... more »

George Andrews

George Eyre Andrews is an American mathematician working in analysis and combinatorics. more »

George Atwood

George Atwood was an English mathematician who invented a machine for illustrating the effects... more »

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