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George Lloyd

George Lloyd was an English Fellow of the Royal Society. George Lloyd was the son of Gamaliel... more »

George Lusztig

George Lusztig is an American mathematician and Abdun Nur Professor at the Massachusetts... more »

George Mackey

George Whitelaw Mackey was an American mathematician. Mackey earned his bachelor of arts at Rice... more »

George Marsaglia

George Marsaglia was an American mathematician and computer scientist. He established the... more »

George Mostow

George Daniel Mostow is an American mathematician, renowned for his contributions to Lie theory... more »

George Peacock

George Peacock was an English mathematician. more »

George Piranian

George Piranian, born in Thalwil outside Zürich, Switzerland, was a Swiss-American mathematician... more »

George Pólya

George Pólya was a Hungarian mathematician. He was a professor of mathematics from 1914 to 1940... more »

George R. Price

George Robert Price was an American population geneticist. Originally a physical chemist and... more »

George Saitoti

George Kinuthia Saitoti, E.G.H. was a Kenyan politician, businessman and American- and... more »

George Salmon

George Salmon was, firstly, a mathematician whose publications in algebraic geometry were widely... more »

George Sinclair

George Sinclair was a Scottish mathematician, engineer and demonologist. The first Professor of... more »

George Skerry

George Edward Skerry was a mathematician and publisher of commercial arithmetic texts. In 1878... more »

George Spencer-Brown

George Spencer-Brown is a polymath best known as the author of Laws of Form. He describes... more »

George Springer

George Springer is an American mathematician and computer scientist. Springer is perhaps best... more »

George Szekeres

George Szekeres AM was a Hungarian–Australian mathematician. more »

George W. Snedecor

George Waddel Snedecor was an American mathematician and statistician. He contributed to the... more »

George W. Whitehead

George William Whitehead, Jr. was a professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of... more »

George Walker

George Walker was a versatile English Dissenter, known as a mathematician, theologian, Fellow of... more »

George William Hill

George William Hill, was an American astronomer and mathematician. Hill was born in New York... more »

George Woltman

George Woltman is the founder of the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, a distributed... more »

Georges Darmois

Georges Darmois was a French mathematician and statistician. He pioneered in the theory of... more »

Georges de Rham

Georges de Rham was a Swiss mathematician, known for his contributions to differential... more »

Georges Furner

Georges Furner was 17th century French mathematician. more »

Georges Giraud

Georges Julien Giraud was a French mathematician, working in potential theory, partial... more »

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