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Gail Lese

Gail Lese, M.D., M.B.A., is the founder and CEO of Lese Investments L.L.C. and the portfolio... more »

Gail Leven Pollock

Gail Leven Pollock is an American musician and composer. more »

Gail Lipinski

Gail Lipinski is the wife of Jimmy Giliberti. more »

Gail Locke

Gail Locke is the mother of Ryan Locke. more »

Gail Loeb

Gail Loeb is the mother of singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb. more »

Gail Lucas

Gail Lucas was the wife of Jerry Lucas. more »

Gail M. Elliott

Gail M. Elliott is the mother of Bob Elliott. more »

Gail McCray

Gail McCray is the mother of basketball player Russell McCray. more »

Gail McDonald

Gail Clements McDonald is an American administrator who served as Chair of Interstate Commerce... more »

Gail McGrane

Gail McGrane is a television weather forecaster, previously the senior forecaster for BBC... more »

Gail Meillon

Gail Meillon was the wife of the television director Bob Meillon. more »

Gail Miller

Gail Miller was a Canadian nursing assistant, who was raped and murdered on January 31, 1969 in... more »

Gail Moakler

Gail Moakler is the mother of Shanna Moakler. more »

Gail Moore

Gail Moore is the mother of American football player Marlon Moore. more »

Gail Morecambe

Gail Morecambe is the daughter of Eric Morecambe and Joan Morecambe. more »

Gail Munro

Gail is the sister of Grant Munro. more »

Gail Murray

Gail Murray is an elected member of Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART, and a former mayor of the... more »

Gail Newton

Gail Newton is the daughter of actor Ann Carter and Crosby Newton. more »

Gail Niederhoffer

Gail Niederhoffer is the mother of Galt Niederhoffer. more »

Gail Otto

Gail Otto was the wife of John C. Higgins. more »

Gail Parker

Gail Parker is the wife of Rick Parker. more »

Gail Pence

Gail Pence is the mother of Hunter Pence. more »

Gail Percy

Gail Percy is the wife of Wade Davis. more »

Gail Pierce

Gail Pierce is the mother of actor Jason Pierce. more »

Gail Ragsdale

Gail Ragsdale is the sister of actor William Ragsdale. more »

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