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Gail Trimble

Gail Trimble is the mother of Scott Trimble. more »

Gail Vance Civille

Gail Vance Civille is a pioneer in advanced sensory evaluation approaches for industry, academia... more »

Gail VanderWende

Gail VanderWende is the mother of basketball player Justin Harris. more »

Gail Vittori

Gail Vittori is Co-Director of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, a non-profit... more »

Gail Walker

Gail Walker is the former the wife of Chris Walker. more »

Gail Warwick

Gail Warwick is the wife of Keith Warwick. more »

Gail Whitsett

Gail Whitsett is a member of the Oregon House of Representatives representing District 56... more »

Gail Wilder

Gail Wilder is the first ex-wife of Bill Beutel. more »

Gail Williams

Gail Ann Williams has been the director of The WELL since 1998. She graduated from the... more »

Gail Wills

Gail Wills was the wife of Henry Wills. more »

Gailanne Cariddi

Gailanne M. Cariddi is the current member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the... more »

Gaile Aaron

Gaile Aaron is the daughter of Hank Aaron. more »

Gaile Cole

Gaile Cole is the mother of C.J. Cole. more »

Gaines Sibbett

Gaines Sibbett is the mother of the actress Jane Sibbett. more »

Gajananrao Joshi

Gajanan Anant Joshi was a unique and versatile vocalist and probably the greatest violinist in... more »

Gal Aminoach

Gal Aminoach is a daughter of Rakefet Russak-Aminoach and Reem Aminoach. more »

Gala de la Torre Lu

Gala de la Torre Lu is the child of Arath de la Torre and Susy Lu. more »

Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez is a Spanish socialite, blogger, fashion designer and DJ. She is the niece of... more »

Gala Simone Trudeau

Gala Simone Trudeau is the daughter of Alexandre Trudeau. more »

Gala Veldhoen

Gala Veldhoen is the wife of Henny Vrienten. more »

Galadrielle Allman

Galadrielle Allman is the daughter of the late Duane Allman. more »

Galatea Alexiou

Galatea Alexiou was the first wife of Nikos Kazantzakis. more »

Gale Ann Plugge

Gale Ann Plugge is the former wife of actor Jonathan Benson. more »

Gale Aschenbach

Gale Aschenbach is the spouse of James A. Swan. more »

Gale Astaire

Gale Astaire is the wife of Fred Astaire Jr. more »

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