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Joseph P. Allen

Joseph Percival Allen, Ph.D. is a former NASA astronaut. He logged more than 3,000 hours flying... more »

Joseph Petzval

Joseph Petzval was a mathematician, inventor, and physicist best known for his work in optics... more »

Joseph Plateau

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was a Belgian physicist. He was the first person to demonstrate... more »

Joseph Polchinski

Joseph Polchinski is an American theoretical physicist and string theorist. He graduated from... more »

Joseph Rotblat

Sir Joseph Rotblat KCMG CBE FRS was a British-naturalised Polish physicist. Rotblat's work on... more »

Joseph Sauveur

Joseph Sauveur was a French mathematician and physicist. He was a professor of mathematics and... more »

Joseph Stefan

Joseph Stefan was a Carinthian Slovene physicist, mathematician, and poet of Austrian citizenship. more »

Joseph Valentin Boussinesq

Joseph Valentin Boussinesq was a French mathematician and physicist who made significant... more »

Joseph von Fraunhofer

Joseph Fraunhofer, ennobled in 1824 as Ritter von Fraunhofer was a German optician. He is known... more »

Joseph W. Goodman

Joseph W. Goodman is an engineer and physicist. He received the A.B. Degree in Engineering and... more »

Joseph Weber

Joseph Weber was an American physicist. He gave the earliest public lecture on the principles... more »

Joseph Zähringer

Joseph Zähringer was a German physicist. From 1949 until 1954 he attended the Universität... more »

Joshua Silver

Professor Joshua D Silver is a UK physicist whose discoveries have included a new way to change... more »

Josip Križan

Josip Križan was a Slovenian mathematician, physicist, philosopher and astronomer. He studied... more »

Jovan Karamata

Jovan Karamata was one of the greatest Serbian mathematicians of the 20th century. He is... more »

Józef Bem

Józef Zachariasz Bem was a Polish general, an Ottoman Pasha and a national hero of Poland and... more »

Jozef T. Devreese

Jozef T. Devreese is a Belgian scientist, with a long career in condensed matter physics. He is... more »

Juan Carlos Campuzano

Juan Carlos Campuzano is a Paraguayan American physicist and an expert in high-temperature... more »

Juan Gualterio Roederer

Juan Gualterio Roederer is a professor of physics emeritus at the University of Alaska... more »

Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain

Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain is a Spanish physicist. He is one of the pioneers of the field of... more »

Juan Martín Maldacena

Juan Martín Maldacena is a theoretical physicist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among his many... more »

Juan Pablo Paz

Juan Pablo Paz is an Argentinian physicist that works in the field of quantum computing. A... more »

Jules Jamin

Jules Célestin Jamin was a French physicist. He was professor of physics at École Polytechnique... more »

Jules Violle

Jules Louis Gabriel Violle was a French physicist and inventor. He is notable for having... more »

Jules-Émile Verschaffelt

Jules-Émile Verschaffelt was a Belgian physicist. He worked at Kamerlingh Onnes’s laboratory in... more »

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