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B. G. L. Swamy

Bengaluru Gundappa Lakshminarayana Swamy was an Indian botanist and Kannada writer who served as... more »

B. H. Danser

Benedictus Hubertus Danser, often abbreviated B. H. Danser, was a Dutch taxonomist and botanist... more »

Barbara G. Briggs

Barbara Gillian Briggs is one of the foremost Australian botanists. The IK lists 205 names of... more »

Beatrice Willard

Beatrice Willard was an American botanist who specialized in studies on the ecology and botany... more »

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter was an English author, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist best... more »

Belsazar Hacquet

Belsazar de la Motte Hacquet, was an Austrian physician of French descent in the Enlightenment... more »

Benedikt Roezl

Benedikt Roezl Austrian traveller, gardener and botanist. Probably the most famous collector of... more »

Bengt Lidforss

Bengt Lidforss was a prominent Swedish socialist, and an accomplished natural scientist and writer. more »

Benjamin Alvord

Benjamin Alvord was an American soldier, mathematician, and botanist. more »

Benjamin Daydon Jackson

Benjamin Daydon Jackson was a pioneering botanist and taxonomer who wrote the first volume of... more »

Benjamin Minge Duggar

Benjamin Minge Duggar was an American plant physiologist. He was born at Gallion, Hale County,... more »

Benjamin Peter Gloxin

Benjamin Peter Gloxin was a German physician and botanical writer who lived in Colmar. He is... more »

Benjamin Smith Barton

Benjamin Smith Barton was an American botanist, naturalist, and physician. more »

Bent Skovmand

Sir Bent Skovmand was a Danish plant scientist and conservationist. Time Magazine wrote in 1991... more »

Bernard de Jussieu

Bernard de Jussieu was a French naturalist, younger brother of Antoine de Jussieu. Bernard de... more »

Bernard Romans

Bernard Romans was a Dutch-born American navigator, surveyor, cartographer, naturalist,... more »

Bernard Verdcourt

Bernard Verdcourt was a biologist and taxonomist, most widely known as a botanist and latterly... more »

Berthold Carl Seemann

Berthold Carl Seemann 25 February 1825 Hanover, Germany - 10 October 1871 Nicaragua, Central... more »

Bertram Whittier Wells

Bertram Whittier Wells was an American botanist and ecologist active in North Carolina. His most... more »

Bradley Moore Davis

Bradley Moore Davis was an American botanist, born in Chicago. After graduating from Leland... more »

Brian Grieve

Professor Brian John Grieve was an Australian botanist best known for his multi-volume book... more »

Bruce Levy

Sir Enoch Bruce Levy OBE was a botanist from New Zealand who became widely known for his work on... more »

Bruce Maslin

Bruce Roger Maslin is an Australian botanist. Born in Bridgetown, Western Australia, he obtained... more »

Bunzō Hayata

Bunzō Hayata was a Japanese botanist noted for his taxonomic work in Japan and Formosa. He was a... more »

Byron Halsted

Byron David Halsted was a noted American biologist and educator. Halsted was born at Venice, New... more »

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