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Takenoshin Nakai

Takenoshin Nakai was a Japanese botanist. In 1919 and 1930 he published papers on the plants of... more »

Thaddäus Haenke

Thaddäus Xaverius Peregrinus Haenke was a Bohemian geographer and explorer in South America. more »

Thaddeus William Harris

Thaddeus William Harris was an American entomologist and botanist. For the last few years of his... more »

Thekla Resvoll

Thekla Susanne Ragnhild Resvoll was a Norwegian botanist – a female pioneer in Norwegian natural... more »

Theo Holm

Herman Theodor "Theo" Holm was a Danish-American systematic botanist. He studied botany at the... more »

Theodor Marsson

Theodor Friedrich Marsson was a German pharmacist and botanist. Marsson was born in Wolgast,... more »

Theodor Otto Diener

Theodor Otto Diener is an American plant pathologist and was the first in the field to describe... more »


Theophrastus, a Greek native of Eresos in Lesbos, was the successor to Aristotle in the... more »

Thomas Andrew Knight

Thomas Andrew Knight, FRS was a horticulturalist and botanist who lived at Downton Castle,... more »

Thomas Coulter

Thomas Coulter, of Dundalk, was an Irish physician, botanist, and explorer. He was a member of... more »

Thomas Edmondston

Thomas Edmondston was a British-born botanist, born in Buness, Unst. The family of Edmondston... more »

Thomas Frederic Cheeseman

Thomas Frederick Cheeseman was a New Zealand botanist. He was also a naturalist who had... more »

Thomas Garnier

Thomas Garnier was an English churchman and botanist, Dean of Winchester from 1840 to 1872. more »

Thomas Gordon Hartley

Thomas Gordon Hartley is an American botanist. more »

Thomas Hopkirk

Thomas Hopkirk was a Scottish botanist and lithographer. more »

Thomas J. Howell

Thomas Jefferson Howell was an American botanist from Oregon. more »

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson was an English botanist, and a royalist colonel in the English Civil War. He has... more »

Thomas Jonathan Burrill

Thomas Jonathan Burrill was an American botanist who first discovered bacterial causes for plant... more »

Thomas Martyn

Thomas Martyn was an English botanist and Professor of Botany at Cambridge University. He is... more »

Thomas Maxwell Harris

Thomas Maxwell Harris FRS was a British botanist. He received his doctorate from the University... more »

Thomas Meehan

Thomas Meehan, was a noted British-born nurseryman, botanist and author. He worked as a Kew... more »

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore was a British gardener and botanist. An expert on ferns and fern allies from the... more »

Thomas Nuttall

Thomas Nuttall was an English botanist and zoologist who lived and worked in America from 1808... more »

Thomas Powell

Rev Thomas Powell was a British missionary sent to Samoa by the London Missionary Society. In... more »

Thomas Robertson Sim

Thomas Robertson Sim was a botanist, bryologist, botanical artist and Conservator of Forests in... more »

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