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E. C. Jeffrey

Edward Charles Jeffrey was a Canadian-American botanist who worked on vascular plant anatomy and... more »

E. J. H. Corner

Edred John Henry Corner FRS was a botanist who occupied the posts of assistant director at the... more »

Edgar Anderson

Edgar Shannon Anderson was an American botanist. His 1949 book Introgressive Hybridization was... more »

Edmund Ware Sinnott

Edmund Ware Sinnott was an American botanist and prolific textbook author. He is best known for... more »

Édouard Bureau

Louis Édouard Bureau was a French physician and botanist. Édouard Bureau began his medical... more »

Eduard Friedrich Poeppig

Eduard Friedrich Poeppig was a German botanist, zoologist and explorer. more »

Eduard Strasburger

Eduard Adolf Strasburger was a Polish-German professor who was one of the most famous botanists... more »

Eduardo Quisumbing

Eduardo Quisumbíng y Argüelles was a Filipino biologist a leading authority of plants in the... more »

Edward Fry

Sir Edward Fry GCB, GCMG, PC, FRS, was a judge in the British Court of Appeal and also an... more »

Edward Joseph Lowe

Edward Joseph Lowe FRS FGS FRAS FLS was a renowned English botanist, who published papers on a... more »

Edward Lee Greene

Edward Lee Greene, Ph.D., was an American botanist known for his numerous publications including... more »

Edward Lhuyd

Edward Lhuyd was a Welsh naturalist, botanist, linguist, geographer and antiquary. He is also... more »

Edward Monroe Freeman

Edward Monroe Freeman. was an American botanist, born at St. Paul. He graduated from the... more »

Edward Newman

Edward Newman was an English entomologist, botanist and writer. Newman was born in Hampstead... more »

Edward Palmer

Edward Palmer was a self-taught British botanist and early American archaeologist. Born in... more »

Edward Tuckerman

Edward Tuckerman was an American botanist and professor who made significant contributions to... more »

Edward W. Berry

Edward Wilber Berry was an American paleontologist and botanist; the principal focus of his... more »

Edwin Copeland

Edwin Bingham Copeland was an American botanist and agriculturist. In 1909, he founded the... more »

Edwin James

Edwin P. James was a 19th-century American botanist, geographer and geologist who explored the... more »

Edwin John Butler

Sir Edwin John Butler FRS was a British mycologist and plant pathologist. He became the Imperial... more »

Eifion Jones

William Eifion Jones was a Welsh marine botanist, noted for his study of marine algae. He was... more »

Elias Lönnrot

Elias Lönnrot was a Finnish physician, philologist and collector of traditional Finnish oral... more »

Elias Magnus Fries

Elias Magnus Fries was a Swedish mycologist and botanist. more »

Élie-Abel Carrière

Élie-Abel Carrière was a French botanist, based in Paris. He was a leading authority on conifers... more »

Elizabeth Coleman White

Elizabeth Coleman White was a New Jersey agricultural specialist who collaborated with Frank... more »

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