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N. E. Brown

Nicholas Edward Brown was an English plant taxonomist and authority on succulents. He was also... more »

Nakagawa Jun'an

Nakagawa Jun'an was a Japanese doctor, botanist, and scholar of rangaku. He was a junior... more »

Nancy Tyson Burbidge

Nancy Tyson Burbidge AO was an Australian systemic botanist, conservationist and herbarium... more »

Nathanael Pringsheim

Nathanael Pringsheim was a German botanist. more »

Nathaniel Lord Britton

Nathaniel Lord Britton was an American botanist and taxonomist who co-founded the New York... more »

Nathaniel Wallich

Nathaniel Wallich FRS was a surgeon and botanist of Danish origin who worked in India, initially... more »

Nehemiah Grew

Nehemiah Grew was an English plant anatomist and physiologist, very famously known as the... more »

Neil Towers

George Hugh Neil Towers FRSC was Emeritus Professor of Botany at the University of British... more »

Nicaise Auguste Desvaux

Nicaise Auguste Desvaux was a French botanist. From 1817, he served as director of the botanical... more »

Nicholas Culpeper

Nicholas Culpeper was an English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer. His published... more »

Nicolás Monardes

Nicolás Bautista Monardes was a Spanish physician and botanist. The genus Monarda was named for... more »

Nikolai Turczaninow

Nikolai Stepánovich Turczanínow was a Russian botanist who first identified several genera, and... more »

Nikolai Vavilov

Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov ForMemRS was a prominent Russian and Soviet botanist and geneticist... more »

Nikolaus Ager

Nikolaus Ager, name also spelled Nicolas Ager and sometimes referred to as Agerius was a French... more »

Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin

Nikolaus Joseph Freiherr von Jacquin or Baron Nikolaus von Jacquin was a scientist who studied... more »

Ninzo Matsumura

Ninzo Matsumura was a Japanese botanist, born in Ibaraki Prefecture, of a samurai family. He... more »

Nobuyuki Tanaka

Nobuyuki Tanaka is an economic botanist at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, the Makino... more »

Norman Arthur Wakefield

Norman Arthur Wakefield was an Australian teacher, naturalist, paleontologist and botanist,... more »

Norman Lascelles Elder

Norman Lascelles Elder was a New Zealand electrical engineer, teacher and botanist. He was born... more »

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