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Oakes Ames

Oakes Ames was an American botanist specializing in orchids. His estate is now the Borderland... more »

Odoardo Beccari

Odoardo Beccari was an Italian naturalist perhaps best known for discovering the titan arum, the... more »

Olaf Hagerup

Olaf Hagerup was a Danish botanist. He studied botany at the University of Copenhagen from 1911... more »

Olav Gjærevoll

Olav Gjærevoll was a Norwegian botanist and politician for the Labour Party. Gjærevoll was a... more »

Olive Pink

Olive Muriel Pink was an Australian botanical illustrator, anthropologist, gardener, and... more »

Oliver Rackham

Oliver Rackham OBE is an academic who studies the British countryside, especially trees,... more »

Olof Rudbeck the Younger

Olaus Rudbeckius, junior or Olof Rudbeck is a Swedish explorer, scientist, and the son of Olaus... more »

Olof Swartz

Olof Peter Swartz was a Swedish botanist and taxonomist. He is best known for his taxonomic work... more »

Orator F. Cook

Orator Fuller Cook was an American botanist, entomologist, and agronomist. Cook, born in Clyde,... more »

Orson K. Miller, Jr.

Orson Knapp Miller, Jr. was an American mycologist. He published numerous papers in mycology and... more »

Osborne Morton

Osborne Morton is a former phycologist in the Ulster Museum. Morton retired in 2007. Morton was... more »

Otto Brunfels

Otto Brunfels was a German theologian and botanist. Carl von Linné listed him among the "Fathers... more »

Otto Degener

Otto Degener was a botanist and conservationist who specialized in identifying plants of the... more »

Otto Eugen Schulz

Otto Eugen Schulz was a German botanist, born in Berlin. He was the brother of botanist Roman... more »

Otto Kuntze

Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze was a German botanist. more »

Otto Stapf

Otto Stapf FRS was an Austrian born botanist and taxonomist, the son of Joseph Stapf. Stapf... more »

Otto von Münchhausen

Otto II. Freiherr von Münchhausen was a German botanist. He was Chancellor of University of... more »

Ove Paulsen

Ove Vilhelm Paulsen was a Danish botanist. He studied at the University of Copenhagen under... more »

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