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C. H. Gimingham

Charles Henry Gimingham OBE FRSE FIBiol, born 28 April 1923, is a British applied botanist,... more »

Camillo Karl Schneider

Camillo Karl Schneider was an Austrian botanist and landscape architect . A farmer's son, he was... more »

Carl Adolph Agardh

Carl Adolph Agardh was a Swedish botanist specializing in algae, who was eventually appointed... more »

Carl Anton von Meyer

Carl Anton von Meyer was a German, Russified botanist and explorer. He received his education at... more »

Carl August Wilhelm Schwacke

Carl August Wilhelm Schwacke was a German botanist, explorer and naturalist. Born at Alfeld,... more »

Carl Bolle

Carl August Bolle was a German naturalist and collector. Bolle was born at Berlin into a wealthy... more »

Carl Borivoj Presl

Karel Bořivoj Presl was a Bohemian botanist. He lived his entire life in Prague, and was a... more »

Carl Christian Mez

Carl Christian Mez was a German botanist and university professor. He is denoted by the author... more »

Carl Correns

Carl Erich Correns was a German botanist and geneticist, who is notable primarily for his... more »

Carl Eduard Cramer

Carl Eduard Cramer was a Swiss botanist born in Zurich. He studied at Zurich and Freiburg, where... more »

Carl Epling

Carl Clawson Epling was an American botanist who is best known for being the major authority on... more »

Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius

Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius was a German botanist and explorer. more »

Carl Friedrich von Ledebour

Carl Friedrich von Ledebour was a German-Estonian botanist. Between 1811 and 1836, he was... more »

Carl G. Fenner

Carl G. Fenner was the President of the National Association of Trees in the 1930s and the... more »

Carl Georg Oscar Drude

Carl Georg Oscar Drude was a German botanist. From 1870 he studied science and chemistry at the... more »

Carl Hansen Ostenfeld

Carl Emil Hansen Ostenfeld was a Danish systematic botanist. He graduated from the University of... more »

Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus, also known after his ennoblement as Carl von Linné, was a Swedish botanist,... more »

Carl Linnaeus the Younger

Carl Linnaeus the Younger, Carl von Linné or Carolus Linnaeus the Younger was a Swedish... more »

Carl Ludwig Blume

Charles Ludwig de Blume or Karl Ludwig von Blume was a German-Dutch botanist. He was born at... more »

Carl Ludwig Hablitz

Carl Ludwig von Hablitz, also known as Karl Ivanovich Gablits, was a Russian botanist. He was... more »

Carl Ludwig Sprenger

Carl Ludwig Sprenger was a German botanist, born on 30 November 1846 at Güstrow, Mecklenburg and... more »

Carl Ludwig Willdenow

Carl Ludwig Willdenow was a German botanist, pharmacist, and plant taxonomist. He is considered... more »

Carl Meissner

Carl Daniel Friedrich Meissner was a Swiss botanist. Born in Bern, Switzerland on 1 November... more »

Carl Nägeli

Carl Wilhelm von Nägeli was a Swiss botanist. He studied cell division and pollination but... more »

Carl Peter Thunberg

Carl Peter Thunberg, also known as Karl Peter von Thunberg, Carl Pehr Thunberg, or Carl Per... more »

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