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Walter A. Bell

Walter Andrew Bell was a Canadian geologist. He worked for the Geological Survey of Canada for... more »

Walter Lawry Waterhouse

Walter Lawry Waterhouse MC was an Australian agricultural scientist, a fellow of the Australian... more »

Walter Tennyson Swingle

Walter Tennyson Swingle was an American agricultural botanist who was born in Canaan,... more »

Wan Chun Cheng

Professor Wan Chun Cheng was one of the most eminent Chinese botanists of the 20th century... more »

Wanda Zabłocka

Wanda Zabłocka was a Polish botanist, phytopathologist and mycologist. She was a professor at... more »

Wataru Ishijima

Wataru Ishijima was a paleontologist and geologist. Ishijima was one of the most prolific... more »

Wenceslas Bojer

Wenceslas Bojer was a notable naturalist and botanist. He was born to Simon Bojer and Barbara... more »

Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers

Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers was a German botanist. This botanist is denoted by the author... more »

Wilhelm Gueinzius

Wilhelm Gueinzius was a German naturalist, collector and apothecary. more »

Wilhelm Hofmeister

Wilhelm Friedrich Benedikt Hofmeister was a German biologist and botanist. He "stands as one of... more »

Wilhelm Johannsen

Wilhelm Johannsen was a Danish botanist, plant physiologist, and geneticist. He was born in... more »

Wilhelm Knechtel

Wilhelm Knechtel was an ethnic German Austrian-Romanian gardener and botanist. more »

Wilhelm Pfeffer

Wilhelm Friedrich Philipp Pfeffer was a German botanist and plant physiologist born in Grebenstein. more »

Wilhelm Philippe Schimper

Wilhelm Philippe Schimper was a French botanist born in Dossenheim-sur-Zinsel, Bas-Rhin, a town... more »

Will Geer

William Aughe Ghere — known as Will Geer — was an American actor and social activist, best known... more »

Willem Meijer

Willem 'Wim' Meijer was a Dutch botanist and plant collector. more »

Willem ten Rhijne

Willem ten Rhijne was a Dutch doctor and botanist who was employed by the Dutch East India... more »

William Aiton

William Aiton was a Scottish botanist. Aiton was born near Hamilton. Having been regularly... more »

William Alfred Weber

William Alfred Weber, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and former... more »

William Bartram

William Bartram was an American naturalist. The son of Ann and John Bartram, William Bartram and... more »

William Baxter

William Baxter ALS, FHS, was a British botanist, author of British Phaenogamous Botany and... more »

William Carruthers

William C Carruthers FRS was a Scottish botanist. Carruthers was keeper of the Botanical... more »

William Chambers Coker

William Chambers Coker was an American botanist. more »

William Colenso

William Colenso was a Cornish Christian missionary to New Zealand, and also a printer, botanist,... more »

William Curtis

William Curtis was an English botanist and entomologist, who was born at Alton,... more »

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