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Ralph Hoffmann

Ralph Hoffmann was an American natural history teacher and amateur ornithologist and botanist... more »

Ralph Hosmer

Ralph Sheldon Hosmer was Hawaii's first territorial forester, a contemporary of Gifford Pinchot... more »

Ralph Randles Stewart

Ralph Randles Stewart usually referred to as R. R. Stewart, was an American botanist who spent... more »

Ralph Tate

Ralph Tate was a British-born botanist and geologist, who was later active in Australia. more »

Randall James Bayer

Randall James Bayer is an American systematic botanist, published mostly as "R.J. Bayer", who... more »

Raymond Piper

Raymond Piper HRUA HRHA MUniv was a botanist and artist born in London and at the age of six... more »

Rebecca J. Nelson

Rebecca Nelson, B.A. Swarthmore College, 1982, Ph.D. University of Washington, 1988. Professor... more »

René Louiche Desfontaines

René Louiche Desfontaines was a French botanist. Desfontaines was born near Tremblay in... more »

René Paul Raymond Capuron

René Paul Raymond Capuron was a French botanist. Capuron was responsible for an extensive amount... more »

Richard Anthony Salisbury

Richard Anthony Salisbury, FRS was a British botanist. While he is remembered as a valuable... more »

Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley FRS was an English naturalist specializing in botany. He published important... more »

Richard Henry Beddome

Colonel Richard Henry Beddome was a British military officer in India, chief conservator of the... more »

Richard Hind Cambage

Richard Hind Cambage was an Australian surveyor and botanist who made important contributions to... more »

Richard Hook Richens

Richard Hook Richens was a Director of the Commonwealth Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics at... more »

Richard Kolkwitz

Richard Kolkwitz was a German botanist who was a native of Berlin. He studied natural sciences... more »

Richard Pescott

Richard Thomas Martin Pescott was an Australian botanist. Pescott was Director of the National... more »

Richard Sidney Richmond Fitter

Richard Sidney Richmond Fitter was a British naturalist and author. He was an expert on... more »

Richard Spruce

Richard Spruce was an English botanist. One of the great Victorian botanical explorers, Spruce... more »

Richard Thomas Baker

Richard Thomas Baker was an Australian economic botanist, museum curator and educator. more »

Richard Thomas Lowe

Richard Thomas Lowe was a British scientist, a botanist, ichthyologist, malacologist, and a... more »

Richard Weston

Richard Weston was an English botanist. more »

Richard Wettstein

Richard Wettstein was an Austrian botanist. He introduced the phylogenetic system into... more »

Robert Bentley

Robert Bentley was an English botanist. He is perhaps best remembered today for the four-volume... more »

Robert D. FitzGerald

Robert David FitzGerald was an Irish-Australian surveyor, ornithologist, botanist and poet. His... more »

Robert Desmond Meikle

Robert Desmond Meikle is an Irish botanist from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He became most... more »

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