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Jack Heslop-Harrison

John "Jack" Heslop-Harrison FRS FAAAS was a British soldier and botanist. more »

Jacob Bigelow

Jacob Bigelow was an American medical doctor, botanist, and architect of Mount Auburn Cemetery... more »

Jacob Christian Schäffer

Jakob or Jacob Christian Schäffer or Schäffern was a German dean, professor, botanist,... more »

Jacob Cornelis Matthieu Radermacher

Jacob Cornelis Matthieu Radermacher was a Dutch botanist and author. Radermacher was born in The... more »

Jacob Georg Agardh

Jacob Georg Agardh was a Swedish botanist, phycologist, and taxonomist. He was the son of Carl... more »

Jacob Theodor Klein

Jacob Theodor Klein was a Royal Prussian jurist, historian, botanist, mathematician and diplomat... more »

Jacques Labillardière

Jacques-Julien Houtou de Labillardière was a French biologist noted for his descriptions of the... more »

Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre

Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre was a French writer and botanist. He is best known for... more »

Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart

Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart was a German botanist, a pupil of Carolus Linnaeus at Uppsala... more »

James Backhouse

James Backhouse was a botanist, archaeologist, and geologist. He was educated at Lawrence Street... more »

James Britten

James Britten was an English botanist. more »

James Brodie of Brodie

James Brodie of Brodie, 21st Thane and Chief of Clan Brodie, FRS FLS was a Scottish politician... more »

James Donn

James Donn was an English botanist. He was Curator of the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens,... more »

James Edward Smith

Sir James Edward Smith was an English botanist and founder of the Linnean Society. more »

James Hamlyn Willis

James Hamlyn "Jim" Willis was an Australian botanist. He described 64 new species of plants,and... more »

James L. Reveal

James Lauritz Reveal is a botanist who is perhaps best known for his work on suprageneric names,... more »

James Robertson

James Robertson was a botanist. more »

James Sykes Gamble

James Sykes Gamble FRS FLS was an English botanist who specialized in the flora of the Indian... more »

Jan Commelin

Jan Commelin, also known as Jan Commelijn or Johannes Commelinus, was the son of Isaac Commelin... more »

Jan Frederik Gronovius

Jan Frederik Gronovius was a Dutch botanist notable as a patron of Linnaeus. John Clayton, a... more »

Jan Ingenhousz

Jan Ingenhousz or Ingen-Housz FRS was a Dutch physiologist, biologist and chemist. He is best... more »

Jan Svatopluk Presl

Jan Svatopluk Presl was a Bohemian natural scientist. He was the brother of botanist Karel... more »

Jane Colden

Jane Colden was an American botanist described as the "first botanist of her sex in her country"... more »

Jane Francis

Jane Francis is Professor of Palaeoclimatology at the University of Leeds In 2002 became the... more »

Jean Bachelot La Pylaie

Jean Marie Auguste Bachelot de La Pylaie was a French botanist, explorer and archaeologist. He... more »

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