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F. R. M. Wilson

Reverend F. R. M. Wilson was an early pioneer Australian lichenologist and minister in the... more »

Félix Avelar Brotero

Félix de Avelar Brotero was a Portuguese botanist and professor. He fled to France in 1788 to... more »

Ferdinand Albin Pax

Ferdinand Albin Pax a German botanist and entomologist specializing in Lepidoptera, Diptera, and... more »

Ferdinand Cohn

Ferdinand Julius Cohn was a German biologist. He is one of the founders of modern bacteriology... more »

Ferdinand Didrichsen

Didrik Ferdinand Didrichsen was a Danish botanist and physicist. He participated as botanist in... more »

Ferdinand Lindheimer

Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer was a German Texan botanist who spent his working life on the... more »

Ferdinand von Mueller

Baron Sir Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von Mueller, KCMG was a German-Australian physician,... more »

Fernando Altamirano

Fernando Altamirano was a Mexican physician, botanist and naturalist. He was born in Aculco,... more »

Filippo Parlatore

Filippo Parlatore was an Italian botanist. Italian botanist, b. at Palermo, 8 Aug., 1816; d. at... more »

Florian Święs

Florian Święs is a full professor of Biology and Earth Sciences at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska... more »

France Staub

France Staub was a Mauritian ornithologist, herpetologist, botanist, and conservationist. more »

Frances Meehan Latterell

Frances Meehan Latterell was an American plant pathologist whose research in the late 1940s... more »

Frances Theodora Parsons

Frances Theodora Parsons, usually writing as Mrs. William Starr Dana was an American botanist... more »

Francesco Castracane degli Antelminelli

Francesco Castracane degli Antelminelli was an Italian naturalist. He was educated at the... more »

Francis Buchanan White

Francis Buchanan White was a Scottish entomologist and botanist. He studied medicine at the... more »

Francis Buchanan-Hamilton

Dr Francis Buchanan, later known as Francis Hamilton but often referred to as Francis... more »

Francis Darwin

Sir Francis "Frank" Darwin, FRS, a son of the British naturalist and scientist Charles Darwin,... more »

Francis Ernest Lloyd

Francis Ernest Lloyd, M.A. was an American botanist, born in Manchester, England, and educated... more »

Francis Guthrie

Francis Guthrie was a South African mathematician and botanist who first posed the Four Colour... more »

Francis Kingdon Ward

Francis Kingdon-Ward, born Francis Kingdon Ward was an English botanist, explorer, plant... more »

Francis Masson

Francis Masson was a Scottish botanist and gardener, and Kew Gardens’ first plant hunter. more »

Francis Rose

Francis Rose MBE was an English field botanist and conservationist. He was an author, researcher... more »

Francis Wall Oliver

Francis Wall Oliver FRS was a British botanist. He was Quain Professor of Botany at University... more »

Francis Wilson

Francis Robert Muter Wilson, Presbyterian minister at Kew, Melbourne, was arguably Australia's... more »

Francisco Manuel Blanco

Francisco Manuel Blanco was a Spanish friar and botanist. more »

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