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G. Ledyard Stebbins

George Ledyard Stebbins, Jr. was an American botanist and geneticist who is widely regarded as... more »

G. W. Reynolds

Gilbert Westacott Reynolds, was a South African optometrist and authority on the genus... more »

Ganapathi Thanikaimoni

Ganapathi Thanikaimoni, often referred to as Thani was an Indian palynologist. more »

Garcia de Orta

Garcia de Orta was a Portuguese Renaissance Sephardi Jewish physician and naturalist. He was a... more »

Gaspard Adolphe Chatin

Gaspard Adolphe Chatin was a French physician, mycologist and botanist who was born in Isère,... more »

Gaspard Bauhin

Gaspard Bauhin, or Caspar Bauhin, was a Swiss botanist who wrote Phytopinax, which described... more »

Genkei Masamune

Genkei Masamune was a Japanese botanist, who worked in Formosa and then, after World War II,... more »

Georg Andreas Helwing

Georg Andreas Helwing was a botanist and Lutheran pastor. Helwing was born in Angerburg in... more »

Georg August Schweinfurth

Georg August Schweinfurth was a Baltic German botanist, traveller in East Central Africa and... more »

Georg Dionysius Ehret

Georg Dionysius Ehret was a botanist and entomologist, and is best known for his botanical... more »

Georg Eberhard Rumphius

Georg Eberhard Rumphius was a German-born botanist employed by the Dutch East India Company in... more »

Georg Forster

Johann Georg Adam Forster was a naturalist, ethnologist, travel writer, journalist, and... more »

Georg Franck von Franckenau

Georg Franck von Franckenau was a German physician and botanist. more »

Georg Joseph Kamel

Georg Joseph Kamel, also known as Camellus, was a Czech Jesuit missionary and botanist to the... more »

Georg Klebs

Georg Albrecht Klebs was a German botanist from Neidenburg, Prussia. His brother was the... more »

Georg Wilhelm Schimper

Georg Heinrich Wilhelm Schimper was a German botanist and naturalist born in Reichenschwand. He... more »

Georg Wilhelm Steller

Georg Wilhelm Steller was a German botanist, zoologist, physician and explorer, who worked in... more »

Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer

Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer was a German botanist and entomologist. He was born at Etzelwang in... more »

George Arnott Walker-Arnott

George Arnott Walker-Arnott was a Scottish botanist. He studied law in Edinburgh though later... more »

George Bentham

George Bentham CMG FRS was an English botanist, characterized by Duane Isely as "the premier... more »

George Bishop Sudworth

George Bishop Sudworth was an American botanist. At the time of his death, he was the Chief... more »

George Caley

George Caley was an English botanist and explorer, active in Australia for the majority of his... more »

George Claridge Druce

George Claridge Druce, MA, LLD, JP, FRS, FLS was an English botanist and a Mayor of Oxford. G... more »

George Crawford Hyndman

George Crawford Hyndman was an Irish auctioneer and amateur biologist. Hyndman from Belfast was... more »

George Darby Haviland

Dr George Darby Haviland was a British surgeon and naturalist. He was born at Warbleton, Sussex... more »

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