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Dan James Pantone

Dan James Pantone is an American ecologist and conservationist with a Ph.D. from the University... more »

Daniel I. Axelrod

Daniel Isaac Axelrod was a leading twentieth-century paleoecologist specializing in Tertiary... more »

Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver, FRS was a British botanist. He was Librarian of the Herbarium, Royal Botanic... more »

Daniel Rutherford

Daniel Rutherford FRSE FRCPE FLS FSA was a Scottish physician, chemist and botanist who is most... more »

Daniel Solander

Daniel Carlsson Solander or Daniel Charles Solander was a Swedish naturalist and an apostle of... more »

David Ashton

David Hungerford Ashton OAM was an Australian botanist and ecologist. He was the world expert on... more »

David Baulcombe

Sir David Charles Baulcombe, FRS is a British plant scientist and geneticist. He is currently... more »

David Bellamy

David James Bellamy OBE is an English author, broadcaster, environmental campaigner and... more »

David D. Keck

David Daniels Keck was an American botanist who was notable for his work on angiosperm taxonomy... more »

David Don

David Don was a Scottish botanist, David Don was born on 21 December 1799 at Doo Hillock,... more »

David Douglas

David Douglas was a Scottish botanist. He was born to John Douglas, a stonemason, and Jean... more »

David Fairchild

David Grandison Fairchild was an American botanist and plant explorer. Fairchild was responsible... more »

David Gottlieb

David Gottlieb, a professor of plant pathology at the University of Illinois at... more »

David Hunt

David Richard Hunt is an English botanist and taxonomist. He is a specialist in cacti and... more »

David Lamb

David Lamb is a freelance writer who traveled the world for twenty-five years as a Los Angeles... more »

David Lloyd

David Graham Lloyd was an evolutionary biologist and the seventh New Zealander to be elected as... more »

David Prain

Sir David Prain M.D., FRS was a Scottish physician and botanist. more »

Dawson Turner

Dawson Turner was an English banker, botanist and antiquary. more »

Deepak Acharya

Deepak Acharya is an Indian microbiologist and botanist from Chhindwara. more »

Desmond Herbert

Desmond Andrew Herbert CMG was an Australian botanist. The son of a fruit-grower, Herbert was... more »

Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal

Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal was a German botanist. He studied in Berlin, in 1819... more »

Dietrich Brandis

Sir Dietrich Brandis, KCIE, FRS was a German forester who worked with the British Imperial... more »

Dimitrie Brândză

Dimitrie Brândză was a Romanian botanist. He founded the Botanical Garden of Bucharest which is... more »

Diosdado Simón

Diosdado Simón Villares was a Spanish researcher, biologist, botanist, tree surgeon and... more »

Dmitry Litvinov

Dmitry Ivanovich Litvinov was a Russian botanist responsible for the naming of a large variety... more »

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