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Manuel Pio Correia

Manuel Pio Correia was a Portuguese botanist. more »

Marcin of Urzędów

Marcin of Urzędów was a Polish Roman Catholic priest, physician, pharmacist and botanist known... more »

Margaret Levyns

Margaret Rutherford Bryan Levyns was an eminent South African phytogeographer, botanist and... more »

Margarita Engle

Margarita Engle is a Cuban American author. In 2009, she was awarded the first Newbery Honor... more »

Maria Fadiman

Maria Grace Fadiman is an ethnobotanist and Associate Professor of Geosciences at Florida... more »

Marie Schnurr

Marie Schnurr was an artist and botanist. more »

Marie-Victorin Kirouac

Brother Marie-Victorin, F.S.C., was a Canadian member of Brothers of the Christian Schools and a... more »

Marion E. Moodie

Marion E. Moodie was a Canadian nurse and botanist. She was the first nurse to graduate in Alberta. more »

Mark Catesby

Mark Catesby was an English naturalist. Between 1729 and 1747 Catesby published his Natural... more »

Mark Plotkin

Mark J. Plotkin is an ethnobotanist and a plant explorer in the Neotropics, where he is an... more »

Mark Wilkinson

Dr. Wilkinson earned his Bachelors degree in genetics from the University of Alberta in 1990,... more »

Martín Sessé y Lacasta

Martín Sessé y Lacasta was a Spanish botanist, who relocated to New Spain during the 18th... more »

Martin Vahl

Martin Henrichsen Vahl was a Danish-Norwegian botanist and zoologist. He studied botany in... more »

Martinus Beijerinck

Martinus Willem Beijerinck was a Dutch microbiologist and botanist. Born in Amsterdam,... more »

Martinus Houttuyn

Maarten Houttuyn or Houttuijn Latinised as Martinus Houttuyn, was a Dutch naturalist. Houttuyn... more »

Mary Agnes Chase

"Another woman who blows me away is Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963), Smithsonian’s Custodian in... more »

Mary Ann Robb

Mary Ann Robb was a 19th-century English botanist. She is best known for naming the shrub... more »

Mary Bowes, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne

Mary Eleanor Bowes, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, known as "The Unhappy Countess", was... more »

Mary Gibson Henry

Mary Gibson Henry was an American botanist and plant collector from Philadelphia, who also... more »

Mary Katharine Brandegee

Mary Katharine "Kate" Brandegee was an American botanist known for her comprehensive studies of... more »

Mary Strong Clemens

Mary Strong Clemens was an American botanist and plant collector. Born in New York as Mary Knapp... more »

Mary Tindale

Mary Douglas Tindale was an Australian botanist specialising in pteridology and the genera... more »

Mathieu Tillet

Mathieu Tillet was a French botanist, agronomist, metallurgist and administrator. more »

Matthias Jakob Schleiden

Matthias Jakob Schleiden was a German botanist and co-founder of the cell theory, along with... more »

Max Burret

Karl Ewald Maximilian Burret, commonly known as Max Burret was a German botanist. Burret was... more »

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